Saturday, July 6, 2013

There are no Fleas at a Flea Market

Abbot and I had not been on an adventure in a long time.  You may blame our maker.  She has been busy.  
Abbot and I have been watching her scurry about the house from our velvet lined bench near the west window of the house.  There we sat all winter, mildly forgotten, save for the small hello we received from time to time.  The long winter filled us all with melancholy, watching snow slowly turn to rain and then nothing else. But today the sun shone and the heat rose from the earth as Abbot and I enjoyed an outing like we had never had before. 

We visited the flea market with our maker and met some very unusual friends that came from many places around the country.  Of course Abbot was confused by the concept of a flea market.  He expected it to be full of tiny fleas buying fruit and vegetables.  He had to wonder what we would find at such a place, and why we would even want to venture there.  I told him that was not the nature of a flea market, but he could not get past the idea that there were actually no fleas at a flea market, but I suppose at one time there probably were.  Once we arrived inside the gates Abbot and I were all aflutter at what we saw. 

There were dolls and tools and bottles.  There were statues and plants and furniture.  There was jewelry and clothes and toys.  Buttons, fabric, dishes, pictures, paintings, postcards....and people.  And food!  There was food and all kinds of amazing smells.  We sat atop a swift footed statue.  We played hide and seek with dolls, dashing beneath the tables and around the ankles of the crowd.  Abbot rode a fake horse and even tried on a pair of boots.  I donned a hat and sat at the vanity, pretending to primp for a date. We tried not to get into trouble, and any time we looked like we were going to, our maker put us in our bag for safe keeping.

Hardly anyone laughed at us, which was nice, but there were a lot of interesting characters at the flea market, so we felt we fit right in.  Abbot and I enjoyed perusing the merchandise, and even playing a little dress up.  

Even the mannequin leg was a surprise, protruding from a ceramic golf bag. And why would anyone want to buy just one mannequin leg?  A person needs at least TWO mannequin legs. Three at the most.

Abbot wanted a pet horse and pulled our maker's sleeve for a full hour trying to get her to buy him one, but she did not.  She told Abbot he didn't need a pet horse since he had me.

I tried on some new hair, and even though it tickled my face, and I like being tickled, I decided my own green wooly face was sufficiently appropriate for me.  I'm not sure the vendor agreed.

There seemed to be a cowboy theme to this fair as we saw many pairs of cowboy boots.  Abbot, of course, wanted to take them home, not to wear though, but to sleep in, like a for his head, one for his feet.

Abbot was in awe when we came upon a booth full of cookie jars.  He immediately removed the lids and dug inside them for cookies. The tsk tsk-ing of the vendor only barely stopped him from tipping the lids, and to his disappointment, there were no cookies inside any of them.  Abbot looked at me, cocked his head in confusion, wondering why anyone would buy a cookie jar with no cookies inside.  I had to tell him I hadn't the faintest idea.  It made no sense to me either.  We leapt from the table before someone tried to open US.

Back in the car our maker let us play inside her purchases, which were two brown suitcases.  She said these were very good cases for two, because they didn't smell, and two, they were big enough to put Abbot and I inside if she wanted to take us on a trip someday.  That made me happy.  Abbot, however began to pout.  I looked at him and asked what was wrong, and asked hadn't he had a fun day?  He kicked his little monster foot and said it WAS indeed a great day, but he had really hoped to have seen some fleas.
Until next time.

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DollZandThingZ said...

This was the very BEST adventure ever...even without fleas!