Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Little VayCay

Abbot and I recently got to go on a small vacation with our maker and her family.  It was a visit to a relative's house.  Abbot wondered what a relative was so I had to explain to him that our maker has what is called a "family" with sisters and brothers.  Aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, and cousins are also "family".  Then there are family members who are related by marriage, and these are called "the in-laws", probably because they are the opposite of "outlaws", who usually don't like each other in western films.  The concept of "family" is foreign to both Abbot and I, as we do not have and family except each other and our maker.  We were very excited to see what the fuss was about, seeing family members talk and have fun.  Abbot and I had a fun ride to our destination with the sunroof of the car opened up.  I had to hold Abbot down so he didn't soar out of our car and into the car of someone else.

When we arrived there was so much to do at our maker's sister's house.  She took kindly to us and wasn't very embarrassed by us at all.  She let us play games like shuffleboard, foosball, billiards, and cards.  Oh boy, did they play a lot of cards.  Abbot took extremely well to the shuffleboard.  He was high scorer and everyone wanted him on their team.  That little monster smiled all night.  However, he always does.

We even teamed up together once, but we lost to Uncle Bill and Aunt Ann, so Abbot kicked me off his team.  I played with Uncle Bill then, and Abbot played with Aunt Ann, and Abbot emerged a winner.

Foosball was difficult for us since our feet do not touch the floor but we wedged ourselves between the turning sticks and did a pretty good job.  It was hard to master but we got the hang of it.

I was particularly good at this game, guiding the ball with my tiny plastic players.

Abbot became indignant when I beat him a few times so he hopped up on the table and stood in front of the goal, which I told him was not allowed, and not good sportsmanship.  And it wasn't good monstership either.   

Next we tried pool, or "billiards" it is also called.  My maker was not very good at this game and I beat her handily.  Pretty good for a stuffed monster who had never held a pool cue in his existence.  To be fair, I wasn't all that great either, but I looked amazing holding the stick.

I was asked to tend the bar while the other guests played games for a while.  I ate a few too many peanuts and all I can say is they are difficult to open without having fingers.  But I did it, by joe.  My teeth came in handy when we couldn't find the bottle opener.  I think Uncle Bill liked that feature about me.

Of course Abbot and I would never drink alcohol, mostly because we would get wet and it would be bad for our stuffing, but we sure liked pretending to partake in the festivities.  Abbot gargled and giggled like he was inebriated, but he was not.  He legitimately fell off his bar stool only because he was reaching for a falling peanut.  It was a late night of music and yelling and laughing and playing.  We enjoyed it all.

The next morning we got up early to get a ride in the Corvette.  I could not barely see over the steering wheel, so sadly, I was not allowed to drive.  But we went for a nice ride to the beach later in the day.

Even though I tried to convince Auntie Ann I really WAS tall enough to drive, while seated ON the steering wheel, she told us we still could not drive.  Abbot and I didn't have a driver's license.

When we got to the beach the sun was blazing hot.  Abbot and I don't need sunscreen, of course, because we suffer from fading, not tanning.  So, not too much sun for us.  We made sure we turned over every 15 minutes so we'd get equally faded on both sides.  Nothing worse than an uneven fade.

After the beach had warmed us up too much we went for a ride on the boat.  The boat we actually got to drive.  Uncle Bill was a little embarrassed being seen with us, but he was a good host and let us drive, if only to back out of the slip. That was fine with us, though.

Abbot and I waved and wished a bon voyage to all the boaters and passers-by, and after our little ride we collected our belongings and headed back to the relative's house for more cards and games.  My maker has a nice family and I can't wait to go visiting again.  Until next time.

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