Sunday, January 22, 2012

Abbot and Pickles

It was a quiet and snow-covered day as Abbot celebrated his second made-day. I like that we are both two years old, the same age again. However, Abbot refuses to recognize numbers when he counts, so when I say we are 2, he says we are green. Or red, or yellow, or blue. Whichever color he is feeling happiest about in the moment. I find his way of counting unusual. But then again, I find many things about him unusual. That's why I like him so much, I must confess.
In honor of this occassion, our maker, who not only made US, made cookies for Abbot's made-day. Abbot and I sad to say, as in the incident of my birthday cake, are now banned from the kitchen any time there is dough involved. I am hoping one day out maker lets us back into the kitchen when dough is involved, as I so much like eating dough and batter, almost as much as I like what comes forth from the oven. Our maker did allow Abbot to be NEAR the cookies as they cooled, which is a good sign.
Abbot actually was allowed to scoop a few cookies from the hot baking sheet, which he did with aplomb....right before his energy caused him to flip a cookie halfway across the room, right into the pocket of our maker's son's coat. Abbot gargled a little, then winked at me. I think it was all a plan.
Abbot posed by his made-day stack of chocolate chip cookies, his OWN stack that no one was allowed to touch. I wasn't sure if he would share his stack, so I made sure I remembered the coat pocket cookie, and hoped he would forget about it. Of course, as the day progressed, that did not happen. He guarded that cookie like a dog guards a bone. Or an elephant guards a peanut.
Our maker bought Abbot a few gifts that she was sure he'd love. One was a cactus. And even though warned about the prickles, Abbot put his arm around his new friend. I asked Abbot what he would name his new friend, and wondered if Abbot would take the pet cactus everywhere he went, as he does with his pet cockroach Stanley 2. Abbot looked quizzical, pondering having to give a name to another friend. "Pickles," he said. "PRickles, you mean, right?"I asked. "No," he said, " second favorite food. And Stanley is a 'second' too, so that makes sense." Then he asked me, "Why would anyone name a cactus 'PRickles'? Isn't that kind of a mean name?" "Only to you," I said to Abbot.
So, Abbot had to "pet" Pickles.....carefully. He didn't seem to mind the prickles, however.
"I want to take him for a walk!" Abbot exclaimed. Our maker got a pretty ribbon and tied one around Pickles and one around Abbot's arm, but it became apparent that Pickles did not care for the stairs so he was air-lifted by our maker down the stairs.
Abbot also received a pair of fancy shoes and a sparkly black purse, both of which he did not have to name, thank goodness. He said he has big plans for the sparkly purse, but the shoes were not really his style, and a tad uncomfortable for his straight feet. Not wanting to be a slave to fashion, he said our maker could wear them whenever she wanted.
Happy made-day to the most unusual, funny, silly, nonsensical monster I have ever known.
Until next time.