Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adventures in Paper Dolls

My maker has been working on this project a LONG time and I must say I was just ITCHING to get my hands on it. I got to watch her as she drew the master pattern, and then she had several copies made to hand out to her friends. But I finally got MY chance to play with the finished project. What is it, you ask, that has me all a-flutter? Like a butterfly eating butter? My maker made Caruthers and Abbot, the Paper Dolls! Oh what fun to have a paper doll of each Abbot and me! I colored and colored the dolls on the paper, and got to color their clothes! What fun the clothes are! I have overalls, a dress, a snowsuit, hats, purses, flowers, and even underwear! Polka dots, ruffles, buttons and snaps! Abbot has the same types of outfits, of course. I don't say, "Oh BOY," very often, but this occasion called for it. Oh BOY!
Cutting was difficult for Abbot and me because we can't handle the scissors very well. But we found that by collaborating, his two hands and mine, we had enough appendages to make the scissors work. It was a laborious process, and took several days. I believe the weather may have even changed from winter to spring as we cut and assembled our fancy outfits.
Of course, none of my adventures are complete unless Abbot does something irrational. However, he would say that irrationality is a relative thing, but I still tend to think that him trying to fit the clothing to his actual live body was a little far fetched. There were some tears in the paper, and some tears from his eyes involved, but my maker knows that a good cookie will fix just about any sour mood.
Abbot liked his springtime outfit the best. He said he likes the purse and shoes because it reminds him of the purse and shoes he received for his birthday a couple months ago. The flowers, he said, are necessary fluff. Only Abbot would say something like that.
My favorite outfit was the snowsuit, even though winter has packed its bags and gone back to Canada, where my maker hopes it will stay until she's 105 years old. I barely got to wear my boots this year because of the mild winter weather, so these shiny black boots make my tummy feel warm.
With our outfits now colored and cut out I know Abbot and I will spend a many spring day playing with our very own paper dolls. The adventures I see ahead....oh my....like a sailor on the sea. Like a pilot going to far away lands. Like a child in the dirt. Like a princess in a fairy story. Like a couple of monsters and their maker.
Until next time.


DollZandThingZ said...

So glad that winter packed its bags and left! You two did a super job with your paper dolls! So true: a good cookie will fix just about any sour mood.

April said...

I am SO PROUD of you both!!! First of all, that you have your very Own Paper dolls and Second, that you are so talented with the scissors. I have known 5th Graders who could not cut out paper dolls with scissors....... so consider yourselves ADVANCED!!! What wonderful outfits!!! Maybe if you whine enough, Abbot, your Maker will make you some real outfits to wear so you don't have to try and fit into the paper ones. You are both so Darling and I love you to Pieces, Dear Monsters!!!