Monday, January 31, 2011

Abbot's Made day

After Christmas has come and gone one can feel a little let down and bored. My maker told me that this was the reason for creating Abbot a year ago. She was feeling a little like making a new kind of monster and she created him. He was so sweet looking she could not bear to give him away, and that is how Abbot came into my life. Abbot knew it was around this time of year when he came into being but he didn't know exactly the date. So when his MadeDay came around last week it took him a little by surprise. He had been telling me his ideas for celebrating his MadeDay for weeks. Having watched enough children's TV and reading enough books about birthdays he decided he wanted a celebration with clowns, balloons, a magician, a cake bigger than a bathtub, and a seeing-eye-dog. It took a little coercing and discussion to convince Abbot that maybe a quieter day spent with close friends was a better way to celebrate his special day. Nina and Ned were still around after Christmastime so we asked them to join us for Abbot's MadeDay. After delivering hand made invitations to Nina and Ned we waited for their arrival to the dining room where the fun would begin. We started with a game of Parchesi.
Parchesi looked good enough to eat, if you ask me. Those colored pegs made me think of candy. We rolled the dice in the little cups, moved our pegs around the board, bumped each other off, and made it to the home spot. There were some tears when we bumped each other, but my maker reminded us that a game is nothing to cry's called sportsmanship. Of course Abbot was the winner of the game, even if it was because we let him win. He didn't know this, but we wanted him to feel good on his special day. That may not be right to let him win, but we liked seeing him smile more than winning ourselves.
We moved onto Monopoly, a game that's all about money and making more of it by selling properties. We got to build houses and hotels, and knock them all down again when we went bankrupt. Sometimes we went to jail, and other times we collected a pile of money that sat in the center of the board. We went to dances and lost our wallets, but it was still good fun for a shoe, a car, an iron, and a hat.
Wouldn't you know Abbot won that game too, and not because we let him. The little monster has some financial talents that will most likely go unrealized. If I were human and had stocks and such, I would let Abbot handle MY funds, for certain.
My maker then got out a fun game of mix and match. There were colored cards that depicted heads, bodies, and legs of different types of creatures. The fun part was we could mix up the cards to create even sillier images of the creatures! A lion head could have a penguin's belly and a clown's feet. We had so much fun creating different pictures! Abbot gargled so hard at the thought that these creatures could be real that we had to lay down next to them and let you decide.....
......who is sillier looking? Us or the cards?
After an afternoon of fun and games, laughter and gargling, we had some pizza and drinks. Abbot got to have chocolate milk because he was the MadeDay Monster. We giggled more about the fun we had that afternoon and hoped we could play games again soon.

Abbot didn't get a cake as big as a bathtub, but he did get a couple of giant brownies surrounded by jelly hearts that he shared with all of us. The our maker gave us each a chocolate to eat or put in our pockets for later. I'm sure you know what I did with mine and what Abbot did with his.
Happy MadeDay to my best friend in the world, Abbot.
Until next time.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snug as a Bug

Winter is cold. This is really no surprise to me or to Abbot, but I've noticed that the chill in the air keeps a lot of people in their maker included. She goes out when she has to but it's a process when she does. Boots, hats, coats, scarves, and mittens, all serve their purpose in the winter months. It's almost as if the donning of these articles of clothing becomes a habitual ritual. And time must be allotted for putting it on and taking it off, and finding a place to store it all. I've been around long enough to know that it is not cold all over the world. In fact, there are some places on the earth that never get cold....and stay rather hot. But I am not sure I would like a place like that. Not to LIVE anyway. Even though it is cold and snowy it seems to offer folks a chance to hunker down and do some things that maybe they don't have time for when it's warm out, such as reading, writing, thinking, and playing games. This makes the warmer months seem like a gift, like a special present to look forward to. We can dream about bare feet and warm sunshine, of flowers and leaves, of robins and wildlife. Everything that sleeps in the winter gets to wake up again for the first time.
Ned, Nina, Abbot and I have been doing a lot of that dreaming. We spend hours telling each other our stories and dreams. We have also been enjoying playing games, and we made up a few of our own. There have been some arguments over the rules, and Abbot is not happy when he loses, but generally we've been getting along swimmingly. And even though I look forward to the warmer months ahead, I can't help but feel cozy when we all snuggle up in bed at night, surrounded by oodles of blankets and pillows, and each other. My maker tucks us in, kisses our noses, and says goodnight. There is just something so familiar and safe to it, when all the lights are out and the moon shines in the window, like nothing else matters. Like there is nothing that can take it away.
Until next time.