Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas Cards!

It was a chilly December morning. Abbot and I had finished our breakfast of pancakes and hot cocoa, and our chores, which consisted of dusting the house. I could never understand why we were summoned to spread dust all about the house, but such is our job. And if you ever visited here you would find that Abbot and I do a splendid job. There is dust EVERYWHERE! My maker, sensing our chill, asked us to follow her to her sewing room where she removed a beautiful box from her shelf. We were excited to see inside and when she opened it we found our lovely winter clothing from last year. How thrilling to put it on again! Then she told us it was time for a Christmas project because Christmas was on it's way. Abbot and I had no idea what it would be, but we watched bubbling over with glee, as she gathered all her supplies and we pulled up our chairs to see what was happening. First, she had a wobbly piece of a white rectangle and she said she was going to carve into it with sharp tools. This was not a job for Abbot and I, but we could watch. We watched her scrape away the rubbery material until what was left behind was an image of a pine tree. A Christmas tree! Now it was our turn to help. My maker let me draw a picture onto another smaller wobbly rectangle and she carved that one too. The next part was even more exciting. She propped us up on the counter top because we were going to do something called block printing. The wobbly thing she just carved was now the block and we would be rolling ink onto it and making a print of the block onto a blank card.
The inks smelled funny to me but my maker loved the smell. But, then again, she likes how Abbot smells when he's wet. I couldn't wait to roll the ink! I had to be very careful not to get the ink on myself, however, it was washable so wouldn't do any harm if I got a few splotches here and there on myself.
My maker squirted some green ink onto a sheet of glass, and added in a little shimmery gold ink to make it sparkle. I rolled the ink onto the glass until it made a sound like sticky tape being removed from a package. Abbot did not like the sound and he tried to cover his ears by pulling his hat down farther, but his hat will only pull down so far. My maker said she needed to take over from here, so Abbot and I watched as she rolled the ink onto the block. The block turned green in all the spaces except where she carved! It looked like a Christmas tree! She then put the blank card carefully on top of the block and rubbed it. She let us help with the rubbing, which Abbot loved so much he pretended to do it all day, long after we were finished with our project.
We made all of these cards and tags from one little block! I drew a snowman on my block and I loved how it looked in GREEN! My maker said we could use these blocks over and over again and make thousands of cards if we wanted!
Then we tried some red ink. Red with a little silver mixed in. We rolled it out and listened for that sound again.
I couldn't decide if I liked the red or the green snowman best, and I wondered about making a blue one, or a white one on black paper. My maker must have heard me because she said, "Maybe next time, Caruthers. Right now I have to make some cookies, wrap some presents, make some monsters, and do some laundry." My maker...she's always so busy. Sometimes TOO busy, but Abbot and I are always happy to watch her on the go.
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, and Peace and Joy to all of you. I feel warm and full of love all the way down into my tummy. And Abbot....well...his tummy is full of chocolate.
Until next time.


DollZandThingZ said...

You made very good apprentices! The cards are so beautiful. I am so lucky that your art work arrived at our house!

Martha and Jane say hello and are so envious of your talent!!

You look very festive and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

April said...

Oh BOYS!!! You have brought back wonderful memories of when I was an Art Aid and the Fifth Grade did Linoleum block prints! The only thing missing from Your experiences were the Blood curdling SCREAMS of the kids cutting themselves on the carving tools!
I cannot believe your busy, talented Maker would have time to create such Beautiful Hand-Made cards..and to make sure you both got to help! That is Truly the Spirit of Christmas!!!
And Abbot, for goodness sake- I have Never noticed what Gorgeous different colored eyes you have!!! And those ELF Shoes are just the BEST!!!! LOVE you Monsters and Merry Christmas!!!!