Sunday, November 13, 2011

Contemplations of a Second MadeDay

A few pictures from my MadeDay. I have a lot of thoughts to share, but first I want to show my wonderful cake that my maker made. Abbot and I were shunned from the kitchen after Abbot almost fell into the mixing bowl. We were told to go sit and watch television until the cake was made. We kept sneaking back into the kitchen, however, to take peeks. I don't think my maker saw us. And can I just say how unfair it was that she got to lick the bowl?
After the cake was complete Abbot and I were told to stay away from it until after dinner, but we couldn't help sticking our "fingers" in the frosting and having a taste. Abbot kept licking and licking, leaving one side of the cake bald. It was tricky to fix it back up before my maker noticed. Let it be a lesson to her not to leave a yummy chocolate cake unattended with 2 chocolate hungry monsters in the house. There should be a warning label.
It was all I could do to have my picture taken on my second MadeDay without stuffing my entire face into the delicious cake.
Abbot had to wash himself clean of evidence before this was taken. There was a lot of soap and water involved, and a smallish scrub brush pandered from the family dog, who keeps close tabs on its location. We had to force a deal with the dog, but I think it was worth it. Other than his ears being a little crinkly, and a LOT of gargling that had to be subdued while washing his belly, Abbot looks pretty fresh and clean.
So, having been in existence for 2 years, and observing what goes on around me in this world I have to say most of what I see is good.....happiness, kindness, and friendliness are three of the greatest virtues in this world. There is also a lot of bad. Selfishness, greed, and anger are the three most common vices of which I have been witness. There is also plenty of struggle within the human condition, a lot of which I do not understand. I think it should be so easy to be happy all the time....surrounded by seems so simple. But oftentimes the things that are most simple take the most amount of work. This has been a difficult concept for me to understand, but I think it is because humans think an awful lot. And thinking is not necessarily a bad thing, but they seem to be preoccupied with protecting themselves and the things they hold dear, that they lose sight of what is simple. And what is so clear to one human often is not so clear to another. I suppose if everyone was of like mind life COULD be simpler, but that is just not the case. And, after some contemplation, I think maybe it is best not all humans think alike, because the world would look as if it was painted all one color. Colors are what make life enjoyable. Just open a fresh box of colored pencils or Crayolas and watch yourself smile. Colors are the creativity and laughter and makers of diverse, new ideas. So, what IS the secret then, to simplicity? And WHY can't life be simpler? No one really knows. My maker doesn't know. But maybe, just maybe while we're trying to figure it out, we should marvel in all the colors, even the dark ones....the dark ones that trap us and make us feel sad.....because when you rub at them a little, and tickle them, eventually new colors emerge from underneath. I like being green, and I like that Abbot is green, but I wouldn't want everyone to be like me. I want to see and enjoy all the colors. Because THAT seems simple.
Until next time.


Helen Priem said...

Caruthers, what a wise and true observation of the human character.
Happy second MadeDay !

DollZandThingZ said...

My! That cake looks delicious! Happy Second to you! And thank you for the thoughtful words!

April said...

Happy Second Made Day, Dear Monster!!! I cannot believe you have only been on this Old Earth for two short years. Somehow your wisdom and character make you seem older.
Oh, Caruthers,I'm afraid this life and it's people are not simple. Things just get harder and harder to understand. And that's why YOU, my dearest, and Abbot are as treasured as the pot of gold at the Rainbow's end. You are both simple with your fun and your humor and your appreciation and happiness. You make the ache, that is sometimes in my heart, go away. And you make the frown on my face, which causes even MORE wrinkles, turn into a smile! Just stay YOU- the oasis of laughing, bubbly, rainbow colored water so needed in this time of lonesome deserts (That's Desert, Not Dessert!) Speaking of desserts, did you save me any cake???