Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hide-ie Ho-tel!

Abbot and I recently enjoyed a road trip with our maker to visit her daughter. This was the second trip for me to this hotel, however, this trip Abbot and I got to do a little "exploring". After a nice meal at The Olive Garden (my maker's daughter's favorite place to dine while she is away in college) my maker and her daughter played hide and seek with us in the hotel. Now, I know Abbot and I have played before in the pumpkin patch, but this was so much more fun getting to hide WITH Abbot and have my maker and her daughter find US! Some of the places we hid were just silly and in plain sight, and others we had to think a little bit more about not getting found. In some circumstances we tried to "blend in", but, in all fairness, 2 monsters in a hotel were a little easy to spot no matter where we tried to hide.
For instance, the ice machine was a little uncomfortable, and not to mention cold. And the fact that Abbot got a few cubes thrust into his pockets didn't help keep him silent. We were found almost immediately.
Riding the elevator was a thrill. Abbot and I kept it occupied for well over 10 minutes before we were found. Since we are so small controlling the buttons to operate the door was a challenge, and most folks who entered the car were a little unsure they wanted to ride with us. I can't imagine why.
Hiding atop the drinking fountains, I told Abbot, was not a very good hiding place. But he was certain no one would see us due to their thirst overtaking their senses. It was a good concept in theory, but, alas, didn't work.
The conference room attendees were on a break, so we slinked our way inside to see what we could discover from the white boards for The Conference of Shoe Shiners and Hula Hoopers. Quite interesting, it was. My maker's daughter left a note on some one's pad, "RUN AWAY!!!"
We were hard to find next to the false fire place because it was so dark in that corner. And, incidentally, the false fire was not only false in it's physicality, but it didn't emit any heat whatsoever. It was only due to Abbot's melting ice cubes and his incessant shivering moans that we were found.
Captain Billy Bootleg Beerbelly looked so real we began a conversation with him. His aloofness made us realize he was nothing but a statue with his foot on top of and protecting his keg. He had sort of a keg-leg, if you will.
In order to blend in, we had to get crafty. My maker and her daughter took a half hour finding us as we checked guests in and out of the hotel. The REAL employees were very nice about it when we put old Mr. Crocker into the same room with FiFi LeMure, and told hairy Mr. Belmont he didn't need a swimsuit for the sauna because his hair probably covered all the parts nicely.
Abbot and I snuck back to our room. We had a little trouble getting the slidey card into the door receptacle so some nice boy named Andrew helped us out. We told him to come on in and take whatever he wanted from our refrigerator because the hotel was so nice enough to leave us all kinds of drinks. He thanked us, took a small bottle of something, and giggled all the way down the hall. I think I heard him giggling later at night too. Anyway, we hid in the shower. An easy find, I'm sure. But we really waited a long time there before my maker and her daughter returned. It was almost as if they KNEW where we were and were pretending they didn't.
Abbot wanted to hang from a hanger like a garment, or open the ironing board and pretend to be a blouse. He has a strange sense of himself sometimes, but after he started gargling I knew he was just kidding. We shimmied up to the shelf and waited to be found. My maker and her daughter watched TV and didn't hear us calling for about 20 minutes. In the meantime, while we waited, Abbot showed me that someone stole his ice cubes and left two wet pockets in their place. We both blamed that one on Andrew.
Until next time.


DollZandThingZ said...

What fun! I love your hiding places. Your maker was very nice to take you on the trip!

jim-brecht said...

OH Caruthers!! For once I am Speechless because I am laughing SO HARD!!! Next time you and Abbot and your Maker and her Daugher go to the hotel, let ME KNOW cause I'm ON MY WAY!!!! I CAN'T WAIT to see Mr. Belmont in the sauna and the Grin on old Mr. Crocker's face after he shares his room with Fifi LeMure!!! I will need to join the Hula Hoopers so I can meet up with you and Abbot. Maybe Andrew can join in with hide and seek next time! I don't think I'll ever get a drink at a public fountain again without looking for monsters!!! OH YOU ARE TOO TOO MUCH!!!! XOXO!!!!

jim-brecht said...

OH good grief....I am now part of Jim's German Class Blog- our NEW Comment label- Just ignore it!!!