Sunday, December 19, 2010

Everywhere, Everywhere, Christmas!

Abbot and I had quite a busy Christmas-y weekend. I must say I am quite tired and happy to be sitting once again in my maker's home where it is warm and cozy.
We started off our weekend by going to work with my maker at the candy store. She let us have run of the place, but only until a customer came in, which was quite often. Abbot was a trifle disappointed he didn't get to taste, er, examine, more candy that evening, and he remembered all too clearly what happened that last time he misbehaved in the store. We spent most of our time smiling and greeting the folks who walked through the door. Most everyone was cheerful, but others seemed a bit distant. I couldn't figure out why. Shouldn't everyone be smiling in a candy store? Behind where was sat was the big picture window, with the beautiful downtown lights of our town in the background.
We listened to the Christmas songs on the radio, and sometimes my maker sang softly to them. After our night in the candy store was over I really wanted to hear more of that music.
And I was in luck, because the next evening we went to a beautiful church to join a community of people who all came together for one hour to sing Christmas caroles! We saw in a pew with my maker and her family, and we even got our very own song book. We followed the words even though we were unfamiliar with the tunes. But it was so lovely to hear all those voices singing in unison that my monster heart felt too large for my monster body. Abbot was in awe and wonderment. He kept looking at me as if to say, "This is not real, could all this beauty be real?"
We took a photo by a grand Christmas tree in the church after the singing had ended. I did not want to forget this night.
The following afternoon Abbot and I got to go to an actual Christmas party. We played cards....
.....and Bingo, and ate foods that we rarely see at my maker's house. I was victorious against Abbot in cards, but he beat me well in Bingo.
Abbot looked over my shoulder to help me when I was feeling low. His happiness helped me get some better luck, and soon I had Bingo myself! Since my maker's family are farmers we used corn kernels to mark our places on the Bingo cards. What fun it was!
And now I am home. It certainly was a long weekend full of exciting new things to do! Just one last thing I'd like to do, next to finishing Abbot's Christmas story, would be to go see the lights of Christmas on the houses. Maybe we'll get to go this week. I hope so.
I know I said Abbot's story would be the next post, but a writer needs time to make a story JUST right.
Until next time!


April said...

Oh Caruthers...first of all, I adore your Ear Warmers!!! Second, I love experiencing Christmas with you and Abbot! It's so much fun to see how monsters enjoy friendship and love and beauty during the Christmas season! I wish I would have been there to sing carols with all of you in church!And to see how happy you were when you got "BINGO!!!" Merry Christmas dearest of all Monsters!

DollZandThingZ said...

Merry Christmas, Caruthers and Abbot! Your maker has shared with you all the wonderful and meaningful parts of Christmas. You are two lucky fellows. Merry Christmas your maker and her family, too!

XXX Jane and Holly and Ivy