Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy MadeDay!!

My maker says that when a baby is born the world is a very confusing place. An infant goes from being sleepy, warm, and snug inside the belly of its mother and is burst quite quickly into a chilly, bright world, naked and feeling indistinct. The safety in which the infant grew from a microscopic cell into a fully formed baby has now been permanently altered, almost like being thrown out from a home. Albeit, the place in which the infant then goes home is a wonderful, loving and warm atmosphere, if the baby is lucky. Most babies are lucky, I have come to know.
I was not "born" in the same sense as any other earthy animal, nor was I hatched from an egg. I came from another realm.....a mind. And maybe it is not as exciting as having been given life through an actual birth, but being created from a mind I think is an experience not many others have had the chance to experience or write about.
My first days, like an infant's, were fuzzy. I don't remember a lot of what happened, but I remember the confusion. When my eyes were opened for the first time I was frightened by the colors, the noises, the faces, and the smells. I felt like a naked baby, my arms and legs outstretched for the first time in a new place. I did not know life before that moment. Once I arrived, though, and looked at my maker, who smiled at me in the same way I imagine a mother smiles at her newborn, I knew things would be OK. I was puzzled as to my orgin, as to what I was doing here, as to what my purpose was for being created; many of these questions I came to know as normal human inquiry as well. The reasons eluded me, and still do to this day. I must say, however, I am happy I am here. And I am glad for the thought of me in my maker's mind that brought about my being. And even though I am still much like a baby, insecure, unsure, wary, and bashful, I am also quite the opposite, charging forth with curiosity, moxie, and love.
My maker took a portrait of me in honor of my MadeDay. She hung this velvet background and let me sit on the velvet chair. She made me a crown to wear and tied it to my ears, since I have no chin. I felt just like a king! I continue to don my SuperHero "S" from Halloween, only because I like it so much.

Abbot's MadeDay doesn't come until January and he was feeling sort of left out. He had no crown to wear and it made him whimper. I remembered seeing a "Birthday Girl" crown in the kitchen and asked my maker if Abbot could wear it. I placed it on Abbot's head and he gargled so much the crown wouldn't stay put. I told him he had to stop gargling, at least for a moment, so we could get our portrait taken. Then we were off to bake my cake!
I had baked a little when I was at April's house in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was so much fun. My maker offered me the opportunity to help bake my own MadeDay cake and I responded wholeheartedly with a YES! We gathered the ingredients, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, and got started. Abbot, who won't ever be ignored, enjoyed a little doodling around with the cake pan. He wondered if he could fit down the hole in the center. And, like the toilet conundrum, got stuck.
Abbot's cockroach friend Stanley2 emerged from Abbot's pocket when he smelled butter. Butter is one of Stanley2's favorite things to eat, next to dust and paper. He crawled atop the mixer while Abbot implored him not to fall in. He had already fallen into the sugar container.
I enjoyed running the mixer and got a little dizzy trying to keep track of that beater as it circled the bowl at speeds faster than Abbot scurrying to a freshly opened bag of chocolates. I loved the color of the batter, and the smell of the butter and sugar. It was soothing and satisfying to think that a delicious cake would come from such common food staples.
Meanwhile, Abbot and Stanley2 attempted to get the brown sugar that was needed for the crumbly topping. I knew this cake was not a chocolate cake and was wondering just what kind of cake it would be. I had to admit, crumbly topping sounded really special.
I scraped the bowl with a spatula and some batter stuck to it. My maker said it would be OK if I tried a little. And I was glad I did. It tasted like nothing I've ever had before. I asked my maker if we could leave the cake in this form. Why bake it and ruin a good thing?
The cake was ready for the oven. We sprinkled some of the sugar mixture in the center of it, and sprinkled the rest on top. I had to hold Abbot's arms back as he continued to wonder if he could fit down that hole in the center. Stanley2 crawled along the edge of the cake pan. We almost forgot he was there as we placed the cake into the oven. Thankfully, we remembered. If Abbot were to lose another cockroach friend I don't know what we'd do.
Our cake was finished in about one hour. My maker told me it was a cinnamon swirl cake and it smelled like what I imagine Heaven would smell like, if one liked cinnamon. I guess Heaven would smell differently according to a person's preferences. But I liked this.
And it tasted as good, if not better than, Heaven.

One year of my "life", my "being", has passed. I am not sure how I feel about that when I think deeply about it. I have done a lot of things in this one year, and there is so much more I'd like to do. I guess what I have learned the most is that life is full of...........words. And that's a blessing. Adjectives, verbs and nouns are my tools by which I aspire to live and communicate. I have come to realize that there is a necessity for words because life warrants them to describe, to feel, to think, to love, to taste, to see, to do, to BE. I am sure my life would be diminished without the opportunity to write about what I think and feel. What do I wish for on this day, my very first MadeDay? That my life continue to be full of words. And I hope yours is too.

Now, where's that cake?

Until next time.


April said...

Caruthers....shhhhh....I don't want to be too loud because I have a secret....Can you hear me? Well....I started crying when I was reading your words about your MadeDay. I looked a long time at the wonderful pictures and the sweetness and appreciation and simplicity just touched my heart. I really don't know why I began to cry but it was a cry because of the tenderness. It was a cry because you are such a dear and little things make you so happy. Everything is special to you and you remind me how lovely and precious life is. You have changed my life, dear Monster, you and your maker. Happy MadeDay and I wish many more words for you and many more pictures and many more adventures. I adore you with all my heart.

Kim said...

What a beautiful MadeDay you shared with us all, it brought tears to my eyes too, Happy MadeDay!