Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day at the Fair

Recently my maker took Abbot and I to a fair. An art fair. I didn't know what to expect. Everything I've ever heard or read about fairs involved food, carnival rides and tummy aches. I must say both Abbot and I were excited about the "fair" aspect. About the "art fair" aspect, we weren't so certain. So, in the car we went, for a very long drive. In fact, the longest drive I've been on to date. We were headed to Ohio for The Country Living Fair. The day we arrived was chaotic, to say the least. Artists and their helpers turned a field of grass into a mecca of tents and booths that rivaled any shopping area I've ever seen. Abbot and I were given clear instructions to stay put beneath a table so that we would not be lost, damaged, stolen, boxed up, or mailed to Helsinki. My maker unboxed a few friends with whom we could converse and play while the activity went on. Bozo and Clem , the paper Frankensteins, weren't much for small talk. Mostly they wished they had clothes that weren't painted to their bodies. The other creatures took some time to warm up to Abbot and I, but proved to be downright charming fellows.
Despite all the conversation and merry making beneath the table, Abbot and I were anxious for some adventure. "Tomorrow, Caruthers," my maker assured me.
After a quiet night in a bed and breakfast in the country (it was as if I never left home.....roosters crowing, rustling grasses, and corn fields) I was ready for adventure. When we arrived at the fairgrounds we were astonished at the transformations that had taken place since we had left the day before. My maker held Abbot and I in her arm as she walked along, and I marveled at the wonderful things I saw. Oh yes, the arts and crafts were interesting, and the crowds of people were suffocating, but the lemonade stand, the french fries stand, the fried dough stand, the taco stand, the hamburger stand, the hot dog get the picture......are the things I wanted to see the most. I stayed right by my maker's side the entire day, and held Abbot by his hand so that he would not wander away. Even though I longed for adventure, the crowds at the fair were a little daunting. I knew my maker would take me to look at the attractions, and patience was what I needed to exhibit. Abbot wasn't so easygoing, however, and oftentimes I'd find him trying to sneak away to the food area. He claimed he just wanted to smell it, but as he jingled when he walked, I knew there was some loose change in his pocket. I wasn't sure where he got it either.
After spending just a little too much money, my maker took Abbot and I around and placed us in the settings of people's artwork. All the artists we met were very gracious and were excited to show us what they create. First my maker set us in a scene of paintings by Laurie Messerole. I liked the little girls faces. They were colorful and happy. Abbot liked how the colors matched his eye.
We are a little harder to find in this scene. We were standing amidst the work of Cheryl Kuhn. Cheryl uses old photographs in her work, and each piece tells a story. I was mesmerized when I looked inside the pieces. They were like being transformed to another world. I forgot where I was, and wished I could have known what the people in the photos were thinking. Most of them looked so sour or pained. I wondered if their life was hard. "Life is always hard, Caruthers," my maker said. "The century in which you live doesn't change the fact that many problems and worries remain the same. And some are very different. But we have to remember to focus on what is right, and do our best to make the world a better place. I'm sure those people in the photos felt the same way."
Letty Worley's work was not as serious, but just as enchanting nonetheless. In fact, Abbot and I made a few friends. They were dressed to go to a fancy ball or a party and we had a nice time chatting about cotillions and dances. One of the bears, Jeannette, offered to show us how to dance, but we would have to wait until night came, and no one was around. She told me that most toys don't come alive until the night when all the children are asleep. I was shocked because Abbot and I are pretty much alive all the time. When I queried my maker about this point she smiled and said, "Caruthers, you and Abbot are special because you have a home. I think the reason you are alive all the time is because I have you in my life and I want you to be alive. When Jeannette finds her home she will also be alive in the same way. Having a home is a wonderful thing. You and Abbot are lucky to be loved and wanted." I was starting to miss my home, even though I knew wherever my maker was, so also was my home.
Next was Melody Doyel. She kissed me and squeezed me and I liked her a lot. I didn't scare her one bit. That's always a plus in my book. My maker loved everything she makes. The way my maker carried on about Melody I was a little worried I might be traded for a pair of earrings. And Abbot for a coat. But I know she'd never do that. I think.
Abbot and I had a much better time fitting in with the creatures in Judi Young's creations. The colors and the animals! Oh, how we wished to be immortalized in one of these pictures! I think we fit in so well in this booth we stayed for a while to stare at the pictures, and no one even noticed!
The weather was quite lovely, our bellies were full, and we were exhausted by day's end. I rested my head on a pumpkin and Abbot lay in the sunshine. Both of us dreamed of home, because we were happy to have one. We wondered where all the creations that were bought and sold that day would end up? Would they be happy? And would they finally have the chance to be alive....always? We hoped so. Because every work of art deserves a home, and every object that is handmade from some one's heart and hard work deserves a chance to be admired. I'm glad I'm one of them.
Until next time.


barbara burkard said...

What a lovely, magical time you two (er ah I mean THREE) had at the fair!!!

DollZandThingZ said...

Oh, Caruthers! You really had a good time and met lots of artists. Your maker had a good time, too! What a lovely report about the fair! It made us smile here.

April said...

Oh Caruthers! What a lovely time you and Abbot had at the Country Living Fair! It looks like you both made charming new friends! And I would like to know if Abbot and Jeannette danced by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon...
You are such a serious and wise thinker for a monster who is still so young to the World. I agree completely with you and your Maker and I think it's probably the same for people as it is for toys. Those of us who find homes, who are loved by someone, are the most REAL of all. Love you sweet fellow!