Thursday, July 15, 2010

The View from Vermont

Abbot and I went on our greatest adventure thus far when we got to accompany my maker and her daughter to the magnificent state of Vermont. We stayed with my maker's sister and her children on beautiful Lake Chaplain. The terrain was quite rocky, something we are not accustomed to seeing, and the views over the lake were spectacular.
Curbing Abbot's sometimes exasperating enthusiasm was a challenge. He doesn't understand all the dangers that exist around him. More than once I had to save him from diving into the water, grabbing him by a toe. More than once I caught him sneaking a life vest from the supply shed so he could go sit on the sailboat. More than once I found him standing on a chair with his nose in the freezer because he was too hot. He DID find this wonderful stump by which we posed, all dried out and gnarled from the rough lake winters. Shortly after this photo, Abbot followed a spider to the edge of a cliff and almost went over himself. I had to remind him that spiders cling to walls, even sideways, but woolie monsters would not.

But those antics were nothing compared to the visit to the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.

We posed for a lot of photos at the factory tour, but the highlight was when Abbot broke away from the tour because he couldn't wait to get the free ice cream at the end of the tour. As the rest of the crowd enjoyed the video on how Ben and Jerry's was created, Abbot twiddled his thumbs. I asked him to settle down, that the free ice cream would come soon enough. Next thing I knew, Abbot was missing! I tugged on my maker's arm and told her Abbot had run away to find the ice cream. Just then the video ended and we were escorted to another room to see the machines that make the ice cream. My maker told me to be inconspicuous and look around for Abbot. We didn't want to get in trouble. I felt like a spy, skulking around corners, looking over my shoulder, creeping down low on my belly. But all that skulking was in vain because Abbot was in plain sight! He was sitting next to a factory worker who was pressing buttons on giant vats of milk and cream and sugar. The factory worker appeared to be explaining to Abbot how the ice cream was made. I was scared that Abbot would be arrested, thrown in the ice cream jail, and be forced to eat ice cream the rest of his life. But worse than that......I wouldn't be with him!

Abbot was reprimanded, but was released on the grounds that he was temporarily insane for being around ice cream. "It often happens," said the factory worker. We then took a walk to the Flavor Graveyard, where flavors that don't sell very well go to be buried. Some of them sounded pretty good to me and I was sad they would no longer be made. Once you're dead, you're dead. Unless you're a ghost.
This needs no explanation.

When we finally got to sit on the jet ski we had to don a life vest. It's the rule. Since we are a little small we both fit into one vest. It was snugly and cozy, and felt safe. And it's a good thing, because the wind blew us off the ski and almost into the water! And everyone knows Abbot and I don't REALLY swim because of how we're made. But we know how pretend very well.
Until next time.


DollZandThingZ said...

Well, didn't you have fun! I am glad Abbot was not arrested and just temporarily insane from being around ice cream. How brave you were in your life vest! I think your maker had a great time, too!

April said...

My My Caruthers...what FUN you and Abbot had on your Vermont vacation! Have you wrapped up that gorgeous stump to send to the Gnomes here? They would LOVE IT!
I am so glad Abbot managed to stay out of serious trouble...I'm surprised he didn't try to jump into one of the ice cream-making Vats! OH...that's right...ICE CREAM!!! You've got me thinking about ICE CREAM! I'm off to the store to buy some "Ben & Jerry's"!