Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Museums, Mummies, and Mischief

So far Little Rock has been one adventure after another. I am almost dizzy with all the activities we've been doing. April took Martha, Jane, Henry and I to the Capitol Building in Little Rock (the capitol of Arkansas) for a Memorial Day celebration, and then to the Arkansas Arts Center. I had never had so much fun in one day in my "life"! When we arrived at the Arts Center the first thing we saw was a beautiful fountain. The water was spurting sky high, and as we charged forward April had to remind us that water was only for looking and not touching, and especially not for falling into. Martha and Jane immediately climbed up on the ledge, not waiting for April, and started teasing each other about who touched the ledge first. They sure can be silly. What did it matter who touched the ledge first? Eventually we all got there and enjoyed the breeze coming over the water from the fountain. April gave us each a penny and told us to toss it into the water. She told us to make a wish on that penny. "And don't tell anyone your wish," she said, "or it won't come true." I made a BIG wish, but I'm not telling what it is. I watched as Jane and Henry lay down on their bellies to see all the money in the fountain. Jane's eyes became glassed over and she started reaching for the coins. There were actually some quarters and silver dollars at the bottom of the fountain. I decided that maybe sometimes a penny must not be enough for some wishes and hoped mine would come true anyway. Just then Jane started to slip into the water. Henry and I were there, though, and we each grabbed a leg just in time. I am not sure if April saw that. She was talking to a man who looked like a police officer. Later she told me he was a security guard. He was there to make sure no one got hurt or damaged any of the displays.
Inside the museum were giant marble hallways that echoed as we walked across the floor. It was clean and white and there were paintings and sculptures towering over us. April had to lift us up to see many of them. I enjoyed the colors. Some of the paintings felt like being inside some one's dream. I closed my eyes and imagined what the artist was feeling when he or she held the brush in their hand. I wondered what the paint smelled like and how it felt to draw a brush of paint across a canvas. I thought it would feel like eating chocolate.
We entered a room in the museum that had paintings of Egyptians and mummies. I have read about mummies, at least I thought I had, until April had to remind me that mummies were not the same as zombies, as I cowered between her legs. Still, mummies were a little creepy, and I know they have chased Scooby Doo in at least 5 episodes. The one painting of Egyptians (above) I liked the best, because it looked like my maker when she was scolding Abbot. Then I thought of Abbot and sighed.
In the same room was a painting that had the face cut out. This was so children could put their own face in that space and take a picture. I'm not a child, but I'm not an adult. I asked April if I could put my face in the space and she said yes. I was glad that my teeth were showing. That's the only way it really looks like me!
The train room was the most exciting part of our day. We sat with our noses glued to the glass that surrounded the most charming train set I've ever seen (actually, the ONLY train set I've ever seen). There were tiny houses and tiny cars and tiny cows and tiny dogs, and tiny trains that zoomed around on a tiny track. I wanted so badly to get inside the glass so I could touch the cows and houses. I could pretend I was the giant, like Jack and the Beanstalk, except I wouldn't be mean. Oh, to be a giant in a tiny world. In the world which I exist, I am the tiny one. Martha and Jane talked about riding on a train and they wanted to pet the tiny cows so badly. Martha looked at April, who agreed to let her get a little closer look. April lifted Martha over the top of the glass walls and let her peek down inside. Since there was no glass on the top of the display Martha could hang her head down inside. She reached with her fingers to touch one of the cows just at the same time April had told her, "No, Martha! You may only LOOK at the cows, not touch!" But it was too late. Martha squealed with delight almost touching a cow, that she twisted herself so that April lost her grip on her. Down Martha went into the display, toppling a few cows and almost getting run over by the speeding train. April reached inside as fast as she could and yanked poor Martha out by her knee, just in time! All our hearts were racing, especially April's. We all sat catching our breath, and Martha cried and cried, even though it was no one's fault. She was so traumatized that she didn't notice her candy bracelet was missing until we had left the room. Then she cried again. April told her it was OK. She would get another candy bracelet, and that the cows were enjoying it for a snack. "How nice of you to share with them, Martha," April consoled. As we scurried from the train room, embarrassed and scared about how much worse our story could have been, the security guard came around the corner. He must have noticed we were a bit panicked because he asked if we were OK. We all nodded in unison, like we had rehearsed it. But we didn't.
We loved the museum, but it was a relief to get back outside were we couldn't get into any real trouble. We saw some interesting geese by another fountain and we sat down to watch them. April told us we could only watch them because they get frightened easily. We sat very still until they came closer to us. They were beautiful! Their feathers looked so soft, almost like fur. It was then that Henry let out the biggest sneeze I've ever heard. It was so loud that the geese flapped their wings and took off away from us. Not only that, all the birds resting in the trees above our heads took flight too. The ruckus was deafening for a moment, and so loud that the security guard came out to see what had happened. "One of them sneezed," April explained, with a nervous smile. She quickly took our hands (I'm still not sure why she was in such a hurry) and off we went, back to the car, where we slept like mummies until we got home.
Until next time.


April said...

HAHAHAH!!! It's SO FUN to hear Caruthers' "Take" on the adventure! I had NO Idea that's what YOU look like when you're scolding Abbot!!! Darn! I didn't see the silver dollars on the bottom of the fountain or I would have been Diving! There I go- embarassing those Woolies again! Yes! And now I know Henry D. is allergic to geese!

DollZandThingZ said...

They are having so much fun and so many adventures!!! Looks like they made it out of the museum just in time!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I'm almost sure that Scooby Doo was chased by mummies
in EVERY episode that ever was produced!
The security guard gives me bad vibes,
was he a mummie look alike?