Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Missing Home

I have another week or so to spend here in Little Rock with April, and Jane, Martha and Henry. I've been feeling a little melancholy, however, because Abbot has called more than a few times whimpering, wanting me to come home. I promised him I would bring him something from my adventures here. It got me thinking a little about what to bring home. April already let me do so much, taking me shopping and to the museum, fishing, swimming, and just living in her home has been a treat. Snuggling with my new friends at night and telling ghost stories, spying on the dogs, sneaking out of the house, lounging in the sun....there have been some good times. Smiling and laughing has been wonderful for me, but thinking of Abbot's smile has set my heart longing for home. Jane tapped my shoulder while I was deep in thought, sitting on the bed with a caramel in my hand. She said she was missing her special friend, Heart, who was at her home waiting for her. With long faces we approached April. Jane explained our disposition and April immediately set us up at her craft table with stinky glue, colored paper, shiny beads and scissors. She tied bibs around us so that we could not drip glue on ourselves, and after Jane and I began to cut shapes that expressed our desire for our homes, April came back to the table with photos of our friends that she had printed off the computer.

Just seeing Abbot's silly smile made me smile and tear up all at once. It has been so long since I have seen him. Jane cut out her photo of Heart, and I cut out my photo of Abbot. Jane and I worked silently, both of us immersed in our thoughts and feelings. Every now and then Jane would giggle, remembering something humorous that Heart said. I laughed too, not knowing why, but I reasoned that no one should ever have to laugh alone. Laughing begets laughing, as smiles beget smiles. I hoped Abbot would enjoy the photo I made for him, a photo of the two of us creating memories of happiness. I miss you, Abbot. But, I'll be home soon. Sooner than you can gargle louder than your cousins; sooner than you can mime the ABC's; sooner than you can sneak out the door with a piece of cherry licorice dangling from your mouth; sooner than the moon will fill up into a nice round ball, that one day we WILL kick around in the sky. I promise.
Until next time.

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April said...

Caruthers and Jane are not the only ones feeling the heartstrings pull. I am already sad thinking about how much we will miss our big ol sweetheart of a monster once he is back home. It will make us happy Caruthers is back once again with his dear maker and his best pal, Abbot. But it just won't be the same without his wonderful smile that lights up everyone's heart. Sigh......the time has passed too quickly....