Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And Now A Word From Abbot

Last week I made Abbot a special trinket because I was missing him so badly. April mailed it off for me and Abbot received it in the mail this week. My maker took some photos as he opened the package, to document his expression so I may see it when I return home. However, Abbot was so excited that he wanted to e-mail me the photos and write in his own words how he felt when he opened the package. This is what he said:
"Helllllooo, Caruthers I miss you verry mush I wish you were home with me I have benn looking for fun things to do but nothing is fun without you. when are you comming home? I misss you very mush. Our maker has benn lissening to funny music agen. sometimes she singss to mee but mostly i plug my earrs. she lets me eat carmels in the sewing room, tho, and lets me keeeep things in my pocketts. my nose wass bleeding after I bumped it on the ironing bord leg becuz I ran too fast and triped on the rugg. it was OK becuz the the blud didn't stain my self at all. but then i went in the bathroom and fell into the tubb becuz I wanted to swing on the curtain bar then the curtain fell on me and i wuz trapped for hors. The boy in this house found me and tossed me onto a pile of fabric and I cride until i stopped. then your box came and i smiled so our maker let me opin it and i did and inside was a funny looking bug with tickly legs i named him Stanley and put him in my pocket. then I saw there were bugs all over the box just like the one in my pocket. our maker said it was a cocker ruch or something like that.
"Stanley is a nice bug i like him and he likes me he told me. he didn't like the box ride to our house tho he said there was too much space in the box he prefers smaller spaces. Anyway I liked the round box with your picture on it. I rolled it on the floor i thought that this was my present so I plaid with it until our maker sed that the present was inside the round thing. I thawt what could be better then this round box and then i opined the box and even Stanley liked what wuz inside.
"Our maker tied it to me immediately around my neck a cuple times it was a long string so it went around my boddy a couple times. I was so happpy to see your picture again and see your face and your arms and legs it made me happy and i almost cride becuz i was sooo happpy. my toes tinkled rite off my feet and i thawt they wuld come unsewed. but they dident. but i luve the necklace and i want to keeep it on my hart for ever until i cant smile enymore or am put in a box or sumthing.
"Stanley likes my pocket too he tickles me when i asleeep and then crawls back in my pocket. i feed him carmels and cheerios and he likes food the best better than he likes swimming in the sink i tride that with him and he dident like that much he coffed and sneezed a little bit and i asked our maker to take him to the veterarian but she said no that bugs dont go to veterarians. thats all i have too say Will you come home pleese becuz i miss you a lot more then that. i miss you like spagetti misses meetballs or like a soccer ball misses a foot. that iz a lot if you dident no. ok goodbye."
Oh that Abbot. He is a kindred soul.
Until next time.

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April said...

"i miss you like spagetti misses meetballs or like a soccer ball misses a foot."

OH my, Abbot! What can I say? This is the best testimony of LOVE I have ever read! I had NO idea you had such a darling personality! You are so much more than your gargle! I just feel a huge need to pick you up and hug you tight! And "Stanley"???!!!! I am , for once, just about speechless!