Friday, May 14, 2010

Journey by Mail Truck, and a Happy Welcoming

I had never traveled by mail truck (or by any other way than a car, able to look out the window), but there I was with my old suitcase full of my "necessary stuff" stuffed inside, then was placed onto a larger semi-tractor trailer, then ANOTHER semi. After a day or two (it was hard to days all ran together) I sat around, feeling lonely as could be in a post office somewhere north of Little Rock. That was just a hopeful guess. I honestly didn't know where I was. There was so much mail surrounding me and so many packages. I called out a few times to see if any other beings like me could hear me. I cleared my scratchy throat, that felt all big and puffy with despair, and summoned my words, "I am Caruthers P. Davenport! Is anyone out there who wants to talk to me?" I hear a couple muffled cries and I searched for them amid the piles of stuff. One being named Wanda answered. Wanda was in a box and I'm sad to say I never saw her face, but we spoke through some holes in her box. She said she was a teddy bear and was going to California to be with a girl named Lizzie. She was very excited, but I could tell by the tremble in her voice that she was as scared and lonesome as I was. I wondered why my maker would do this to me, force me to travel and leave me to sit in this place for a couple days. Yes, I had Henry Doppleganger with me, but he was so timid from still being so brand new that he just stayed locked in the suitcase where it was safe and warm. I told Wanda to be brave, because I was being brave, and sometimes that is required of us in this world. She promised she would be. I also talked with Blister, who was a stuffed elephant, Terri, who was a stuffed turtle, and Paisley, who was a stuffed dinosaur. I didn't know what they meant when they said "stuffed", except that maybe they were stuffed from eating too much chocolate. MY tummy, however, was grumbling. I sat down next to a box and thought of Abbot, and what he might be doing. I took out his picture and a few little droplets of water smeared the image. I had ruined it, which made me cry harder. It had gotten dark then, and I tried to stay cheerful talking to my new friends. We told each other stories about our homes and out families. Which kind of made me feel more sad, but happy at the same time. I told them I was going to visit April and she was excited to see me too.
In the morning a tall man asked me to board a smaller mail truck. His name was Ralph and he smiled at me. I was glad not to be traveling in another bumpy semi. This one was bumpy too, but Ralph let me sit in the front seat, atop piles of mail, so I could see out of the window. I looked at the scenery passing slowly by. Ralph made a lot of stops at mail boxes, and sometimes got out of his truck to deliver mail from house to house. I wasn't sure if Ralph, like my maker, could hear me, but I tried to ask him where we were and how much longer until I got to April's house. I guess he heard me because he said, "Caruthers? That's your name...Caruthers? We will be at April's house in a few minutes. You are in Little Rock and I know for sure April is waiting for you. Every day she asks if there is a special delivery for her, and today I'll get to say yes!" I was so excited! A few minutes until I see April! It seemed like months since I had seen a human who loved me.
I arrived at April's and was bombarded by love! There were 2 other beings my maker had made waiting for me too! I met Martha, a bunny, and Jane, a cat, and a bunch of other friends they had made at April's house. April saw me, picked me up, and marveled at my size. She was so glad to see me having waited so long. That made me happy. There is nothing better in this world than to be wanted. Martha and Jane immediately made me put on silly shoes, eat some chocolates and pulled me into their fantasy world, where they were pretending I had been lost in a tornado. We ran off together as Henry Doppleganger creeped out of the suitcase. I had forgotten about him! I ran back to the suitcase, introduced Henry to everyone, especially April, because my maker made Henry just for her. Off we all ran to start new adventures!

The end of the day came too suddenly, but we were all tired. April said we could all sleep in the same bed as long as there was no monkey business. I was not sure what she meant since there wasn't a monkey among us. But the dim moonlight thrown in from the window cast shadows around the room where we all lay, snuggled in a happy quilt. Jane and Martha giggled for quite a while until they fell asleep. Henry zonked right out. I have heard that dogs sleep a lot. And me, I was elated to be there, but still lonesome for Abbot. I rolled to my side, tucked my arm under my pillow, and just as I was about to cry I felt something under my pillow. I pulled out a piece of paper, which was a picture of Abbot. April must have placed it under my pillow. This one I refused to stain with tears and ruin. I looked at his silly smile, and tucked the picture back under my pillow. I fell asleep thinking of him. Tomorrow was ahead of me. Tomorrow is always ahead.
Until next time.


DollZandThingZ said...

Dearest Caruthers, I am glad that you finally made it safe and sound. You had quite a trip!

April said...

Dear Caruthers- I guess it's silly for me to comment, since you're here with me. But I am so happy, so thrilled, that you are finally actually my most special guest! I had no idea how large you are, how snuggly, how charismatic! Your pictures do NOT do you justice! I will admit, I have been a bit nervous having you here, just because you are a celebrity...but also because you are so tender and so new to many experiences of life. I want to make a wonderful time for you while you're here- a time you will be excited to describe to Abbot when you're back home once more. I feel so lucky when I give you a big nose kiss at night and tuck you in with the other Woolies I adore. Oh....a secret..shhhhh....just one more thing. I had NO IDEA Jane is a....I hate to say it....."Cat"! Ohmygosh, please please do NOT tell Henry Doppleganger. He thinks she's a bunny! OMG!