Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

Everything I know about swimming would not come from experience. Being the type of creature that I am, water and I do not see eye to eye. The same can be said for Martha, Jane and Henry, who are showing me the time of my life in Arkansas. However, when the mercury inside the thermometer measured the outside temperature to be over 90 degrees (!!!), Martha and Jane were getting sluggish. That is the perfect word for them too, because they honestly moved like slugs. It took Martha 10 minutes to eat her cereal this morning, and it took Jane a full 20 minutes to roll out of bed. Usually these girls rise before Mr. Sun shows his blinky eye in the sky, dangling their feet on the window sill where they sit, waiting for Mr. Sun. I must admit, I've had a hard time of it too. It just seems easier to slug around when one feels too hot to want to breathe, much less move. April must have seen what we were going through, not acting up to our usual vivaciousness. Even she seemed a little sluggy, but managed to take care of us and all her other chores.
When April had seen enough of our droning faces she started collecting supplies from around the house again.....bathing suits, goggles, sunglasses, sunscreen and the like, and stuffing them into a canvas bag. I was certain she'd be taking us to the creek again to go fishing, but this time she took us by the hands and led us out into the back yard.
She gently dropped us onto the grass and then dumped the bag of supplies all around us like confetti. April told us to "butter up" which we decided meant we had to put our sun lotion on. April proceeded to pull a giant, blue saucer from her garage. She set it on the grass and told us to get inside. She gave us a blow up tube in which to sit. I was feeling a little confused, but was too embarrassed to ask. Was this swimming? Is it possible to swim without water? April must have heard me (she's getting quite attuned to my thought produced inquiries) because she said, "What would happen if I put you in REAL water, Caruthers? I may have had to return you to your maker full of mold and mildew! No water for any of you, just pretend." I was somewhat relieved about there not being water because I didn't want mold, mildew, or any fungus, for that matter. As Martha and Jane sunned themselves, Henry took to snorkeling. He wore a long tube from his mouth and pretended to see coral and stripey fish, and even a shark or two. April photographed us and then sat with her book close to the pool, watching us so we wouldn't get hurt. I sat back and closed my eyes for a minute, until Jane started splashing me. She got water in my ears and my mouth! I wasn't angry, but decided I'd stop being such a pacifist for a while and grabbed the hose and squirted her on the toes. She squealed with delight, yelling, "Again, Caruthers! Squirt me again!" So I did. Then Jane demanded to be squirted, and before we knew it we were out of the pool and running all over the lawn....I was chasing and they were running, emitting some of the most high-pitched noises I've ever heard. Henry remained in the pool, oblivious, as he oftentimes is.
April laughed along with us and called out to us to be careful. Then she sneaked into the house for a minute. I chased Martha and Jane back into the pool and then out again. They breathlessly collapsed onto the blanket and giggled. Henry had gotten out of the pool and sat quietly on the blanket, contemplating all he saw, I guessed. He was deep in thought. Then April returned with a bowl of fresh strawberries. Yum! They looked so delicious, that I hung my head over the poolside to have a better look. Henry yelped and Martha and Jane started wiggling again. We were all excited to eat a berry. Before we dug into them April reminded us that strawberries can stain clothing so we should be very careful when eating them. We each had one and then lay down on the blanket for a nap. It was hot, but our imaginations took us away from that for a while. Even without the water we were feeling pretty refreshed.
Later that day I approached April with a little fear in my eyes. "What is it Caruthers?" she asked. I showed her the spot on my belly from where the juicy strawberry had dribbled from my mouth. "Uh, oh," she said. "What shall we do?" I supposed we should scrub it off, like Henry got his pants scrubbed when he slid in the mud. "I've got a better idea," April cheerfully said. Then she led me to the bathroom, gave me a shower cap, closed the curtain and let me take a shower....waterless of course....but it worked like magic. When I came out of the shower, the strawberry spot was gone!
And, OH, what a surprise I had when I emerged, to see a witch-like creature staring at me! As soon as she saw me, and she knew I saw her, she skedaddled right out of there! I was hurt for a second. Why would she run away from me? My guess had to be that it was because I looked pretty scary in my shower cap.
Until next time.

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April said...

OOOuuhhhh! I LOVED IT!!! I forgot I was there..what a FUN STORY!!!! Oh, by the way, that Witch is our Cleaning Lady. She was very embarrassed, having interrupted Caruthers's shower. She was just trying to put toilet paper on the holder and had no idea there was someone in the shower (especially with no water running) you can understand her mistake.