Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adventures in Arkansas: The Beginning

I had never been anywhere before since I came into being. I mean, except for the town....and the park. And Wisconsin. I had never been anywhere alone, at least not since Abbot came into being. When my maker told me she wanted me to go on a trip somewhere, I was so excited! I couldn't wait! I started jumping up and down and spinning in circles like I had seen the family dog do when he was chasing his tail. Since I don't have a tail it must have looked terrifically silly when I started spinning. My maker must have known what I was wondering.....where were we going this time? There is nothing I like more than going places and seeing what is out there in the world. There is so much I don't know, so much I haven't seen. My excitement was in full force. I could taste it in my mouth. It tasted a little like chocolates. It was then that my maker sat me down, looked me in the eye and said to me, "Caruthers, I am sending you on an adventure all by yourself. We will pack you a suitcase and you will travel by mail truck to Little Rock, Arkansas. Arkansas is another state, just like Wisconsin is." She must have seen the confusion on my face. My whole demeanor dropped onto the floor like a glass of milk. SLOSH. Then my maker said, "It's OK Caruthers. There is someone in Little Rock who is very excited to meet you. She's been reading your blog and she wants you to visit and have some adventures with her. You don't have to be scared because she is my friend and I know she will take good care of you. Her name is April and she has dogs and a whole life that I think you will enjoy immensely." I did not know what to think. I was excited to go to Little Rock and meet April, but I knew I would miss my home and my maker. Would I ever get home again? I have seen my maker's children go away and come back, so I figured I'd be OK. But I also remembered my maker's face when her children left. She cried sometimes when her children left and I was there to hold her hand. Who would hold her hand when I left? I looked to my maker's face to ask her about Abbot. "No, Caruthers," she said. "Abbot will stay here." Then she picked me up in her arms and said, "And I'll be fine. Don't worry. April will take your photos and you can write about your adventures at her house. You can also e-mail me any time you want."
I felt better about it after a few days and started to pack my suitcase. I gathered only the essentials, the necessary items I would need: my light sabre, my pirate hat and patch, my tall menacing hat, and stuff like that. I was a little worried about April's dogs. What if I needed my pirate hat in case they thought I was too much of a softie? I wanted to be prepared for all situations. Abbot sniffled as he watched me pack. He and his tall ears peaked over the top of the suitcase and he whimpered a bit. I told him not to worry. I told him I'd e-mail him and keep his picture with me at all times. I also told him I'd bring him a souvenir from Little Rock. My maker told me that April would take me shopping.
When I had finished packing, I ran and got my maker so she could make sure I brought the right stuff. She laughed when she saw what I deemed as "necessary" for travel. She then placed into my suitcase a woolie dog she had made for April. She said, "See, Caruthers? You will not be all alone. This sweet little Henry Doppleganger will accompany you on your trip. But he will stay in Little Rock with April when you return home."
Then I couldn't find Abbot. He had jumped down off the chair he was standing on behind the suitcase when I went to get my maker. I looked all over for him. It wasn't a fine time to play hide and seek, but there was was, doing just that. My maker looked too. We called his name and looked under beds, behind doors, and inside all the cereal boxes. He and his ears (which always give him away) were no where to be found. I went back to my suitcase and pouted a little. I had only a few hours left with Abbot and he was hiding from me. I started to re-arrange my suitcase only to feel a strange lump in my throat....and another one under a blanket that wasn't there before. I pressed on it a bit and it started gargling. It was ABBOT! He was hiding in my suitcase all this time! I pressed down on the lump some more and he gargled even louder. Then I pulled the edge of the blanket away to reveal his smiling face. I smiled back. I knew he wanted to come with me but I assured him that I would be home soon and we'd have so many adventures of our own this summer. I wasn't sure this was true, however. I wasn't sure I'd EVER get home again. But that's what I had to tell Abbot so he wouldn't worry. I know my maker had told me things like that in the past so I wouldn't worry about her. It was time for ME to be brave. I had to go out into the world alone.
We all posed as my maker took this photo in front of my suitcase. We were now all feeling very excited for my journey. I hoped April wouldn't mind all the stuff I was bringing. My maker said again that April had everything I needed to stay with her, including my own toothbrush and bed, and I wouldn't really need any of my toys, but my maker also knew my toys made me feel a little more secure.
My case was packed and I was ready for my journey. I am not sure what it is like to travel in a mail truck, but I knew I would soon be finding out. I hoped I would get to April soon, and I hoped she would like me. I felt scared too, not really knowing where I was going or who I'd meet. The world can be scary that way. But what an adventure I planned on having!

Until next time. Bon Voyage!


DollZandThingZ said...

Wishing you a happy trip and LOTS of fun!

April said...

OH my heart is worried just a tiny bit. My dear dear Caruthers- I just hope I will be able to make him feel at home and give him a wonderful, memorable adventure. Am I really supposed to have a toothbrush for him? uh oh...off to the store tomorrow! Of course it won't just be me..he will also have Martha and Jane here for company, and I KNOW he will love all the fun they have in store for him! Dear Abbot...we will write to you and don't worry, we will find something special for you and Heart when it's time for Jane and Caruthers to return home. Heart feels just the same way you do...missing her good buddy, Jane. We'll all let you know as soon as Caruthers AND HENRY DOPPLEGANGER arrive!!! And are Martha and Jane supposed to be brushing their teeth? I thought you didn't have to do that on vacation.