Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yo Ho Ho and a Basket of Fun!

My maker says that April showers bring May flowers. I am not sure what that means, but she said this to me when I complained about the rain. I am fairly a new being to this world and this is my first Springtime, and I am quite certain that there are other humans and creatures alike who are not happy about all the rain. It seems that ever since I tasted that hint of warm weather, the desire to be outside has left me with a feeling of longing.
In any case, as the rain came from the sky so heavily that I could not step even my toe out of doors, Abbot and I scurried about the floor playing Tag, and Hide and Seek. My maker was not too thrilled when her legs became a fortress for not being tagged, and her undershirt a suitable hiding place. It was then she dragged out a large basket from her son's room. Abbot and I did not know what to think. Was she going to put us away into the basket until we calmed down? Poor Abbot had already experienced the shame of The Bucket. Was it my turn now? However, when she opened the basket Abbot and I were both surprised at what we saw. We looked at each other, then looked at my maker. She must have known what I was thinking because she said, "Caruthers, when my children were younger and they were running around at my feet on a rainy day, this is what they did for fun." She started pulling things out from the basket. Belts, hats, capes, skirts (ewwww), helmets, swords (that's more like it) and all kinds of other stuff. "Have at it," she said to us. "Dress up and create an adventure!" Our first attempts were feeble, as one can see.
But then it started getting fun. My maker threw a blanket over the table and Abbot and I collected the throw pillows from off of the couch. We strung up some lights and hoisted a flag. Abbot dug into the basket until he found a pirate hat and an eye patch, which sealed the beginning of our adventure.

The evil Mr. Hyde and his scalawags came sailing on a tiny ship across the sea. Abbot viewed their arrival through his monocular (a plastic cup),across waves (lumpy carpet) which were tossing us about on our own ship. Our ship, dubbed The Rainy Day, was much larger than theirs, and we were cramped with all of our gear. Abbot and I did not know how the enemy ship was staying afloat. They must have had 12 creatures along! There was Batman, Robot Rangers, The Gnome from Home, and Sweaterman, who looked incredibly warm. Mr. Hyde himself was as menacing as they come, with his snide smile and bloodshot eyes. He kept calling to us, "We're coming for YOU!!" Then he would let out a battle cry like, "Bwaaa Haaa Haaa...." Abbot was a little frightened, even though he looked very convincing in his pirate uniform. My maker had taken his sword away after he decapitated one of the house plants. He was feeling a little vulnerable without it.
When the enemy approached our ship, they all hopped aboard, causing our boat to rock side to side. It was then that Abbot warned the intruders that if they did not stop jumping and rocking, that these unwelcome guests would soon be wearing his lunch. This made me laugh, despite the danger we were apparently up to our elbows in, if we had elbows.
Mr. Hyde and his posse were a loud and rude lot. They continued to shake and wiggle and dance, and whatever else they could to keep our boat from stabilizing on the waves. Abbot and I did not care for their bad behavior or lack of manners. I then did my best to explain to them that they would have been welcome on our ship had they just asked to board. There was no need to make haste and push their way onto our ship. All the while the intruders kept up their wriggling ways. Some began to cry and moan. Others crossed their legs and jumped around. I was quite sure it would be the end of Abbot and I. Abbot tried his best to speak, but could not in his frightened state. All he could manage was to whimper. I, however, shouted in my most authoritative voice, above the restless din of our intruders, "PLEASE, Men! Please, quiet down and tell us for what reason you have stormed our ship!" It was then that Mr. Hyde told us the meaning behind his rude intrusion.
"I am so sorry to do this to you," he announced in his British accent. "But, we have NO CHOICE!"
"Yes?" I asked. "What is it, Mr. Hyde, scary man of literature, and now also of our ocean? Please tell us what it is you want and be on your way!" The noise of Mr. Hyde's crew was most deafening. The crying, the moaning, the foot stomping. I must admit, I had never been wanting my maker to protect me so much than I did at that moment. Just then Mr. Hyde approached me, got extremely close to my face, looked me in the eye, and then proceeded to whisper his request into my ear.
"Of course," I answered. "Why didn't you just say so?" I mused. Mr. Hyde didn't appreciate my chuckling, so I stopped and said, "The bathroom is on the lower deck. Please help yourself."
After Mr. Hyde's crew was....ummmm...relieved, most of them went back to their tiny ship to sunbathe or some such nonsense. Mr. Hyde, his pet iguana head, and The Gnome from Home, stayed aboard our ship for a spot of tea. Mr. Hyde told us of his adventures on the high seas as Abbot and I listened intently. There was talk of Sea Monsters, Sea Serpents, and Sea Water.
When it came time for them all to leave, and for us to sail on to our own adventures, we all shook hands and said cheerful goodbyes. It wasn't terribly sad. We knew they'd be back, as soon as they needed the bathroom again.
Until next time.


a painter said...

Wow! What an adventure! The dolls and creatures around here were so scared...but then they laughed and laughed at the end!

April said...

Martha is wiggling and wiggling- not because she needs to go to the lower deck, but because she wants to JOIN THE PIRATES SO VERY MUCH! What an Exciting Adventure!!! Captain Caruthers and Captain Abbot look so dashing in their costumes. Thank goodness the enemy was friendly!
We are wondering what your maker found on "The lower deck" after all those pirates used the facilities? Hmmmmmm....hopefully she has lots of paper towels! Till the next sailing adventure, AHOY MATIES!