Friday, April 23, 2010

My Bleeding Hearts

My maker has been hunkered down in her Creature Factory sewing more monsters like me. She spends a lot of time there while Abbot and I have no choice but to sit and watch or roam the house. A few times we have taken to playing hide and seek, but, fearing the anguish of The Bucket, we try to really behave ourselves. We have taken out the dress up clothes numerous times and had many great adventures, but we have also plastered our noses to the windows wishing to be out of doors. My maker returned from her job at the candy store one day to find nose smudges on all the windows, as that was Abbot's great accomplishment, to smear his chocolaty nose on all the windows of the house. He was almost given The Bucket, but my maker changed her mind when he agreed to wash the smudges off all by himself. I laughed wildly when my maker said to him, "Better to USE the bucket, than be IN the bucket, right, Abbot?" Abbot did not appreciate my giggles, so I decided to help him. After his task was completed, a number of hours later (only because Abbot kept wrapping himself in paper towels and pretending he was a mummy), Abbot and I were sanctioned back to the Creature Factory. We were given a firm lecture, an apple, and a pat on the behind.
Our desire to leave the house was growing, like the grass and flowers in the yard. We decided one sunny afternoon that we just HAD to escape from the house. My maker was at work and we figured what she didn't know wouldn't hurt anything. Abbot grabbed the camera and we planned our liberation. First we had to get out the door. This is always a problem when one is only 2 feet tall. The doorknob is about 3 feet high. Even with my long arms I could not maneuver that feat. Abbot thought that if he stood on my head that together we would be tall enough. So, he climbed on a chair, onto my head, and I balanced him there as I walked to the door. Abbot grabbed the knob and twisted it to the right. The door sprung open, but we had both tumbled down onto the floor, rubbing the stuffing in our heads. It occurred to us later that we could have used the chair to get high enough to reach the door knob, but this way was more adventurous. Once out the door we had to pass the dog, who rarely barks. He didn't bark, but he kept his eyes on us, like we were squirrels in the park. Abbot and I saw some lovely flowers blooming in the yard and thought we'd like a photo by them. But since my maker wasn't there to take the photo we had to think of another way to do it, since we both wanted to be in the picture. Abbot had another brilliant idea. He called the dog over, who was still watching us like we were chickens, and asked him to help. All we needed was for the dog to stand still while we balanced the camera on his back and set the timer. It took a lot of tries to get a photo that wasn't all blurry. I mentioned to Abbot that maybe the dog could actually TAKE the picture, but Abbot said no. The dog has no pose able thumbs. I just let that one pass. We snuck behind the bleeding hearts, these lovely plants with drooping pink flowers that were heart shaped. The dog sort of snickered because he knew what would happen if we trampled those flowers. He'd been in trouble MANY times. We managed not to ruin anything, and brushed out footprints away with our hands, which made us leave hand prints once we went in the house, but......that's a story for another day.

We had to take another photo without hiding, just for fun. Then we went about our business of running, jumping, skipping, hopping until we were spent. We were quite filthy when we thought we should get back in the house and clean ourselves up before my maker returned from work. We made a bit of a mess in the bathroom, but I made sure Abbot's ears were clean and he checked mine as well. When my maker later saw the dirty towels and floor, she gave a puzzled look to no one in particular. "Hmmm," was all she said. I sure hope she's not reading this blog post right now. If she is, well, I'll take a book along with me to read when Abbot and I end up in The Bucket.
Until next time!

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April said...

Oh Dear me and Good gracious! Caruthers...for goodness sake, my dearest monster, do you realize the trouble you and Abbot just narrowly escaped? DO YOU??!!!! I am talking about your maker's camera! A camera is a very expensive item..not as costly as a modern tractor but certainly more expensive than pudding. You and Abbot could eat pudding for an entire year (With whipped cream on top) for what a camera would cost! I am a nervous wreck just thinking what would have happened if you and Abbot and the dog had Broken the camera! Oh dear, it would have been the bucket for sure. But maybe even Two Buckets! Instead of sharing a nice cozy bucket, you and Abbot would have separate and lonely buckets. There would only be room for a tiny uncomfortable cot and a tiny toilet- No big fancy bathroom like what you find below deck in a Pirate Ship- No Sir! And worst of all- NO CHOCOLATE! Only stale bread and water. Oh my dear, I would hate to think of you and Abbot in this dire situation. And as for the Dog??!! Uoohhhh...makes me shudder! Please please behave and do not borrow the camera again...or I'm afraid I shall be looking at you and Abbot through a wire screen while talking to you on a telephone.