Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun with a Farm

I thought riding in a car was a lot of fun......until I got to ride in a tractor. My maker took Abbot and I out into a farm field where a large red tractor was parked. The hood of the tractor was open and Abbot and I were eager to see what was happening. My maker's husband is a farmer. He grew up on a farm and pretty much has farmed his whole life. My maker said he has raised cows, cattle, and chickens, as well as corn, soybeans and wheat. It was all very interesting hearing about crops and how they're planted, with these monsterous machines. Abbot and I posed inside the tire rims one evening, while the smell of fertilizer consumed the air. It wasn't a pretty smell, but we were told that nitrogen is an important nutrient the soil needs in order for plants to grow. I didn't see any plants, though. Nothing was growing in that field. My maker must have heard me because she said, "Caruthers, the fertilizer prepares the soil for plants to grow. In much the same way a child needs to eat certain foods to grow. A field of soil needs to "eat" certain nutrients to grow strong, healthy plants. The corn seeds will be planted soon." I was feeling very excited to see these corn plants grow.
Abbot and I jumped out from the tire rims, both of us landing on our faces. We had some dirt, rather, SOIL, on us that my maker quickly brushed away. We were both so wriggly and squirmy as she held us close in order to clean us up, that we tumbled from her arms, and again, onto our faces. This time we didn't allow her to catch us. We climbed up onto the tractor where the hood was open. Abbot was in fine form, getting his toe stuck in some crevice in which a toe should not be. He whimpered loudly and I got a hold of his leg and yanked him out. He rubbed his toe with abandon, and then continued to explore the inner workings of the red monster. There sure were a lot of switches and cables and things we pulled that we probably shouldn't have. And it probably didn't help that Abbot left behind a caramel and a dirty tissue that were in his pockets stuffed between a pipe and a thing that looked like a fan. Later I found out that my maker's husband wasn't all to happy when he discovered the melted caramel fused to the dirty tissue fused to the thing that looked like a fan. I wondered if we'd get The Bucket for that.

My maker said that this tractor is top of the line, newfangled, high-tech. Now, I am not sure what those words mean or how they pertain to a tractor, but she said that this tractor was so fabulous that even I could drive it. "It's a 'hands-free' tractor," my maker said. "It is steered by a satellite way out in space." She pointed to the sky when she said that and I looked up into the sky and pointed also, incredulously. "Yes, Caruthers. Way out there where it's black as night all the time." Abbot wasn't nearly as intrigued. Abbot's lip just pouted out because he wanted to be able to drive it too. My maker, noticing Abbot was not also pointing to the sky, but rather had his head tipped toward the ground, kicking a rock with his sore toe, then said, "Yes, Abbot, YOU can drive it too." Abbot gargled until I thought he'd jiggle right out of his suit. I sat in the driver's seat first, then Abbot got a turn. We didn't go far because of the aforementioned tissue and caramel debacle, but we revved it up for sure. It was loud. It indeed sounded like a monster. A scary monster, not a ME monster.
My maker promised us a chance to see the seeds that will go in the ground. She said that the seeds that go into the ground will grow into leafy, green plants that will create more seeds just like the ones being planted. This did not make a lot of sense to me. If there are already seeds then why does one need to grow plants to make more seeds? I guess it's another question I have, and a concept I'll have to try to understand. My maker said most of the seeds get eaten as food. People and animals eat corn and soybeans and wheat, and these crops are also used to make many of the products we live with everyday. My maker said all living things make seeds, even without a farmer's help. This allows them to create more of themselves, to duplicate themselves, which makes life go on. Without seeds from living creatures and plants and bugs, life would end....all life. I started thinking about whether I had seeds. I know I have a heart because I feel pain and happiness and shame and doubt and guilt....and love....and a whole bunch more. But seeds. How I want seeds. My heart will wish for seeds.
Until next time.


a painter said...

Dearest and Abbot are having such a good time and learning so much! Yes, indeed, you have a heart!

April said...

Caruthers...I will tell you a secret. Come closer because it's a special secret and I need to whisper. Okay...can you hear me? The secret is this-you already have seeds.It's true! You don't believe me? Remember when Glinda told Dorothy that she always had the power to go home to Kansas? And remember how Jack's mother didn't believe the beans were magic? Sometimes you need to believe, even if you can't see. Have you heard, "Believing is seeing". You, my dear monster, have wonderful seeds inside you and you have already planted many. Your seeds are not corn seeds or flower seeds or monster seeds...they are seeds of love. You have been very generous with them and have sprinkled the seeds to grow inside your maker and Abbot and me and Helen and all sort of friends who have met you and love you for the sweet and funny and innocent monster that you are. You have an unlimited amount of seeds so continue to sprinkle them around and watch them grow.And be assured, these seeds of yours will create love and life that will never disappear.....or for that matter, slathered with butter and gobbled up!