Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like a Day in the Park

Something's been happening the past few days and I don't know what to make of it. I've been watching a transformation from out of the window. The big piles of snow have gone away and have been replaced by large watery puddles! It happened so suddenly that it almost feels like magic! I've been in the same spot every day when my maker gets home, watching the strange movements going on out in the yard. It has gotten noisy with birds! And the grass that blankets most of suburbia is changing colors. I am in awe.

My maker took Abbot and I for a ride in the car today. I hadn't been in the car since the road trip to Wisconsin, and it was fun to be strapped into the seat belt, only this time I was sharing it with Abbot. Abbot was so excited he gargled the whole time. I finally had to pinch him so he'd be quiet, but then he cried and that wasn't much better. I apologized profusely, and kissed the spot where I pinched him. He gargled again. I guess you can't make a monster stop gargling when that is what they want to do. So, we drove along and I watched the poles passing by, because I cannot see high up enough through the car windows. Then the poles stopped passing, and I saw tree tops. Lots of them! When we stopped my maker unbuckled our belt and we jumped up and down on the seat to see where we were. There were trees, alright, and open space, funny looking metal structures (that we found out were swing sets and jungle gyms) and oodles of puddles! My maker opened the car door and Abbot and I bounded from the inside and landed on our faces. My maker laughed. "Oh, Caruthers and Abbot. You two are certainly a pair," she said. "This is what we call a park." Abbot and I looked at each other briefly, and then....we RAN. My legs don't move quite as fast as his, but we ran. Through mushy, smelly grass; through swampy, dirty puddles; until my maker caught us by our ears. She was gentle enough, but it smarted a little. She told us to be careful, because puddles in the spring can be dangerous. She said they can sweep one away, never to be seen again. I was scared. I'd be very careful for sure. But Abbot, he just gargled. We rode on a swing, and something that looked like a giant donut. We climbed the trees, and scrambled across the jungle gyms. The air smelled like wet wood and soil, and the sky was opening it's eyes, my maker said. It became bluer and bluer as the clouds turned from grey to white. The sun broke into rays as it hit tree branches so that sometimes it was shining on me and sometimes it wasn't. There was absolutely no chill in the air. I've never felt the air without being chilly. I did not know what to think. Puzzled, I looked at my maker. She said to me, "Caruthers, this is the beginning of Spring."

We rested on a bench under the willow trees that have gotten a nice trim haircut, and watched a mallard duck and his bride waddle about in the water. My maker said they will be making their nests soon and the female will lay eggs that will hatch into ducklings. Ducklings! I was so absorbed by the ducks that I strayed to the edge of the pond, trying to get them to come to me. They must have been afraid of me because they swam faster in the opposite direction. They made a funny sound too. Abbot mimicked the sound, "Quack, quack..." he said. I must have gotten too close to the ponds' edge that I tripped on the rocks and almost tumbled in. Abbot reached to grab my hand and saved me from being swept away by the current. If I had a heart, it would have been beating in my throat. We stopped to take one last photo at the slide. This slide was particularly scary because it looked like a tunnel. I was not sure if Abbot and I would come out the other end. But we did and it was so thrilling that we did it again......6 times. One time I scraped my leg, and one time Abbot's toe got caught in one of the bolts, but we still liked it a lot. He hung upside down off the end of the slide. My maker and I didn't notice right away. And Abbot doesn't make much noise, except for gargling, so there he dangled until we noticed he was missing. His face was a different color when we finally detached his toe from the bolt, but he was no worse for the wear.

Parks can be really terrifying when you're small, I gathered from all that happened today. A wonderland, for sure, but scary too. My maker said usually there are children on playgrounds but they were all in school still. I begged her to bring me back sometime when the children are there, and the ducklings. "Maybe, Caruthers. There is so much more to see."

Until next time.


a painter said...

I hope that the spring thing happens here soon! There are dolls and animals around here just waiting to have fun. But, honestly, I think you are having more fun than any travel doll I have ever known!

We are hoping that a relative of yours will arrive here soon and liven up things up after a long winter.....

Hugs and kisses to Caruthers and Abbot from all the dolls and people here. We are very happy to be able to write to you again!

April said...

My goodness, Caruthers, I haven't seen an old bucket swing like that for a long long time! You and Abbot sure look cute and cozy. Phew..I was happy to see you were both okay!In that second photo it looked like you both had been thrown off the merry-go-round and had landed at the side of the road! My goodness!
If you think the park can be scary, you're lucky you didn't go on the seesaw! Now that was always like taking your young life in your own hands, let me tell you. I always managed to get on (And I am little and was even littler when I was little) with some big girl who had spent years eating lots of chocolate or Brachs Jelly Beans. She would act very cozy and friendly for the first go round. Then, once she had earned my naive confidence, she would wait till I was high up in the sky and she would JUMP OFF HER END OF THE SEE SAW!!!! OH NO- my end (And the see saw end)would come Banging down with a hard SMACK!!! She would snicker and laugh heartily while I sat hurt and tearing up and rubbing my bottom. Caruthers, you are lucky you and Abbot have soft cushy bottoms! But, trust me, avoid the see saw at all costs! Stick with ducklings and the slide (Unless it is very sunny out and the slide is 500 degrees!) Love you Monsters!