Monday, March 15, 2010

On the Road Again

I found myself in a car once again. My maker packed up a few articles of clothing and some food, and put Abbot and I into the seat belt once again. Two days in a row! I thought maybe we were going to the park again, but it was taking a lot longer. I looked at Abbot and frowned, then we both looked at my maker as she drove. "For what are you giving me such sour looks, you silly monsters?" she asked. I wanted to know where we were going. "We're going on another road trip, Caruthers," she answered. "We'll be in the car for a while, though, much longer than when we went to Wisconsin." So we drove for quite some time. We stopped at a house in which Abbot and I were able to get out and stretch for a minute. It was my maker's father's and his wife's house. We stopped to switch cars so my maker's father could drive us to our destination. It was wonderful because my maker shared the back seat with us. She lifted us to see out the windows, showed us how to make bunny ears over her father's head (which he didn't care for, by the way) and showed us how to press the button to roll the window down. Abbot took to playing with that button a little too much, and was scolded. I put my arm around him. He just can't help being mischievous sometimes. It's in his blood. I thought I had seen all the farmland in the world simply living at my maker's house, but soon discovered there is a LOT more out there! And all the fields were damp and brown, even though the sky was sunny. My maker brought her pillow and a blanket so we could all snuggle down cozy in the back seat. We put all our heads under the blanket and told scary stories, and she tickled us until Abbot could gargle no more. Every now and then my maker would pop her head out of the blanket and talk with her father and his wife, mostly about things I didn't understand. But he seemed like a kind man and a wise man, and she a very sweet woman. I didn't know that my maker had a father until this day. But where were we going? Were we going to just drive all day? I wouldn't have minded, except that my legs were in such a position that they started to tingle. I kicked them and kicked them to make it stop, managing to kick Abbot accidentally. He forgave me though. My maker then said, "Caruthers and Abbot, welcome to Ohio. It's another state, just like Wisconsin is a state and Illinois is a state." The she added, "You're going to see a very big lake in a little while, one of the Great Lakes."
The car then pulled in to a large parking lot and my maker lifted Abbot and I to see out the window. There were these very large boats sitting on top of the ground. I only knew they were boats because I had seen some in a book I read. They were all covered up in blue tarps to keep the weather out of them, I heard someone say. I was so excited to see the boats, until I saw the LAKE. At least my maker SAID it was a lake. It was clad in snow as far as the eye could see. It did not look like water at all, but a large expanse of snowy terrain. My maker assured me that it was Lake Erie, and we were in Cleveland, Ohio. I wanted to run straight out onto the frozen water, way out there and see what it might be like to be a fish or a boat. I always wanted to be a fish or a boat. My maker set some rules for Abbot and I before she let us out of the car. She knows us all too well. We agreed to stay on the land no matter how tempting it might be to run out onto the ice. My maker gave a stern look to Abbot especially. Abbot bowed his head, fluttering his lashes. He promised to follow the rules.

The sky was gray here near the lake, and the temperature was very chilly. If I had hair I am sure the wind would have rendered it useless. The wind bit my ears a little and I wished for a hat or a muffler or something. We walked out to the lighthouse for fallen boatsmen. I asked my maker what it meant to be "fallen". She said that sometimes the lakes and oceans and seas are not always friendly. That most of the time they give us fish to eat, and offer us a way to have fun, but sometimes people don't return. A storm comes and a boat flips over, or there is an accident on the water. The waters sometimes cause people to drown and that is why it is so important to be careful on the water. I was scared. Would the water reach a huge, frozen hand out onto the land and take me in, making me a fallen monster? My maker must of heard me because she said, "Oh Caruthers, that could not happen. The water does at times seem to be alive but it would not reach a hand out to grab you." Then she said in a deep, scary voice, "Only if you got too close...."
The rest of the weekend we visited with my maker's family. She has sisters, and a MOM too! It was so fun to meet them, however, I am not sure what they made of Abbot and I. Abbot and I spent most of our time looking for food, especially chocolates. The cats in the house showed us around in their silent, creepy manner. We didn't want to play the games that they did, though, and for a time they locked Abbot and I up in their cages. We were trembling when my maker finally found us, worried because she had not seen us in a while. I am not too crazy about cats.
We drove ALL that way home, back to our own house, our own cozy sitting spot on the chair in my maker's bedroom. It was a nice trip, but always so nice to be home.
Until next time.


a painter said...

Well! That was QUITE a trip! How lucky that your maker took you along. I am sure that everybody was wondering about you and Abbot--not realizing that you are famous from your blog.

Something special has happened! Jane came to live here. She was made by your maker. She is well behaved and happy so far, hanging out with some Teddy Bears. She is bigger than the real Yorkie dog who lives here and is unafraid. She will shudder when I tell her about those cats!

I wonder if she will get lonely for a companion like Abbot, even though there one zillion dolls here??

April said...

Dear Caruthers:
It's ME! MARTHA! I am very happy you and Abbot have some green so you won't be pinched today. My Gramma tells me it is St. Patrick's Day and we need to wear green or have green fur so we won't get a pinch. Did you know St. patrick played his flute and all the icky snakes in ireland floowed him and went to Little roc, Arkansas instead? It's tru!
I think you are the cutest monster I have ever seen...well Aboot too and my cousin Jane!I am your cousin! Really! My auntie Valerie is your Maker! I see you and Abbot get scol;ded sometime and I know why you did. becauues you wer both inna "State!" it must be naughty to be inna Ohio state or a Illinois state. Sometimes I see on TV that a little girl will have a yell and her mama says, "Quit being in such a state!" So, you and Abbot need to stop that. And i reeally don't understand why you wanna be a fish or a are a very silly monster! You are gonna come visit me next month and we're gonna have lots of fun. But we won't go doewn in the creek if we see a snake, okay...or a snow monster' big hand! I love you caruthers! From your cousin, Martha!