Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lessons of Easter

Easter is another Christian observance, my maker told me today. It is the time when we celebrate the death of the baby that was born on Christmas. I was so confused. Why would anyone celebrate the death of a baby, much less the death of anyone? I guess there was more to the story. My maker said what Christians celebrate is not necessarily the DEATH of Jesus, but how he was raised to new life. I was really having trouble wrapping my mind around that. Plus, wasn't he still a baby? My maker must have heard me because she said, "Caruthers, Christians celebrate the life of Jesus, from a baby to a grown man. He was the most selfless and compassionate person to walk the earth. And not only that, he is believed to be the actual son of God. We celebrate, not his death per se, but his coming back to life after his crucifixion." I didn't understand. There were some new words and concepts I was just not ready for. I will have her explain it to me again. All I know is that when we drove past the houses today on the way to my maker's workplace (the candy store!) there were not the decorations in the yards like the ones I remember seeing at Christmas. My maker said Easter was a more somber holiday in the church, but in the secular realm, it marks the beginning of Spring. Baby bunnies, chicks, ducklings, daffodils and crocuses are all symbols of Easter, of Spring. I surmised on my own that the new life emerging from the earth might be similar to the new life that Jesus had.
It was Abbot's first trip to the candy store. I was worried he would not behave himself. I introduced him to Todd, my maker's boss, and to Debbie, a sweet, wonderful woman who works there too. Abbot was very polite, but I knew better than to take my eyes off of him.
While my maker and Debbie were busy waiting on customers, and Todd making chocolate bunnies, Abbot and I had the run of the place, even though we tried not to run. Most of the running I did was to keep Abbot from running. We jumped up onto one of the counter tops and sat in a couple baskets, like we were candy waiting to be bought. It would have been nice if someone wanted to buy me, but I think I would miss my home. I asked Abbot what he thought about being bought and he kind of whimpered. I think he likes it at my maker's house with me. That made me happy.
So much chocolate at the store! I had to try REALLY hard to hide all the wrappers of the candies I ate. I had to get creative on some hiding places. Todd was handing out some stern looks to Abbot and I as we stuck our hands in some of the jars without using a plastic glove or the candy scoop. I guess we were being bad. We waddled up to Todd to apologize. He smiled and forgave us. But then....

When Todd, Debbie and my maker were eating their lunch, Abbot took to climbing one of the displays. I yelled after him and tried to get him to come down. But just as he was about to jump, his funny feet gave way and he tumbled, head first, right into a vat of jelly beans. I couldn't help but laugh. Abbot seemed to be gargling and whimpering all at the same time. I didn't know how to help him out of there. It reminded my of the time he got stuck hanging upside down from the slide. Except his head and body were wedged in the vat. There was no wiggle room whatsoever. He TRIED not to eat any jelly beans, but there were SO many, he just couldn't help himself. I knew that the fuller his belly got, the harder it would be to get him out of there. I had to tell someone. I didn't want Abbot to be in trouble, but I figured in this case, I was also helping him. He simply couldn't stay in there much longer.

I went to find my maker. If I was a dog, I would have had my tail between my legs. I knew I'd be in trouble for not doing a better job looking after Abbot. I walked up to her and took her hand. "What is it, Caruthers?" she asked. All I had to do was point. When she saw Abbot in the vat of jelly beans she was not happy. I could tell. But then she started laughing. She laughed, then had Todd and Debbie come look at Abbot. They laughed too! There was so much laughter that I started laughing too! We all laughed and laughed, until after a bit, I realized I was the only one still laughing. I felt my throat get sore all of a sudden. Maybe I shouldn't have been laughing? My maker took Abbot by the feet and told him he needed a time out. And since there was no corner to place him in where he wouldn't be a spectacle, she plopped him in a bucket, and there he sat for the rest of the day. I was placed on a box against the wall, and poor Abbot whimpered. I felt bad. I should have done a better job watching him. I asked my maker to let him out and punish me instead. I would take the bucket from Abbot, and set him free. My maker said, "Caruthers, that's what Jesus did for all of us. And that's what Easter is all about."
I'm still not sure I understand it all, but I do know I would do anything for Abbot, and I know he'd do the same for me.
Until next time.


a painter said...

Your maker is very patient with you! Bet you had a great time! It was nice of her to explain Easter to you and to take you to the candy store.

Happy Easter to you and Abbot and your maker! (And do try to stay out of trouble...or at least out of the bucket!

April said...

Hi Caruthers! It's ME MARTHA! I'm your Woolie cousin, remember? I like your Easter story and I have read it lots a times AND i have been thinking how would be best for Abbot to stay out of trouble. He looks very funny in the jelly beans but that was naughty and he shouldn't done it. So i have 2 ideas in my stuffedd head. Maybe you should get Abbot a leash. My Gramma says when her brother was little, he had to wear a leash cauz he was always wndering off getting in mischief like Abbbot. Okay...that is one idea. Number 2 idea and I like this one a lot..i think Abbot needs a conscious! That's what Pinnoochil had when he got into trouble. First you gotta teach Abbbot to whistle, then his little green conscious will come to help him make the rite choice. The concsius is cute...he is green and wears a little black top hat and carries a umbrealla. when he is bored he sings, "When you wish upon a star" and i really like that song. So, i think your maker needs to make abbbot a consciouss...that's what ME MARTHA thinks! Happy easter!!!