Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Since Abbot was so kind in accepting my apology I decided to spend the day with him playing games and waiting on his needs. I got him some tea (his favorite...lemon zinger), a soft furry blanket, and some tissues, one of which I stuffed into his pocket. He gargled at that, saying his nose felt stuffed just like his pocket. I also tucked a few sore throat drops in his other pocket for later, after his nap. We played a game of SORRY!, which seemed appropriate, and of course, Abbot won. I'm glad he won. I hope he always wins. Because that is what a good friend does.....he helps when needed, he tries to make things better, he encourages and supports, he sacrifices, and he always hopes for the success of his pals. That's what I plan to do from now on.
My heart feels soft and light again, and it feels like a bandage has been wrapped around it, squeezed it to heal the cuts I made on myself. My maker knew the pain I was feeling, having hurt Abbot. When she saw what I was doing, making restitution she called it, she gave me a smile and said, "Caruthers, all we can do in this life is try. As long as we try, and are sincere in our convictions, we can move forward. It was very big of Abbot to forgive you." I agree.
Until next time.

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April said...

Oh my dear dear Caruthers:
I think you are being just a bit too hard on yourself. You are still just a babe in arms in many ways, my little monster. I'm not sure you fully understood what it was for Abbot to be ill. You made what you thought was the best choice at the time...and you know what, if the tables were turned, Abbot might have done the very same thing.Your maker was wise not to tell you what you what to do when Abbot became ill. Like Glinda-The-Good said, "You wouldn't have believed me.You had to find out for yourself." And you did find out for yourself. And I think you learned something very very important, sweet Woolie. You learned what it is to have "Empathy" for someone you love. And remember my dear one, friendship takes 2 monsters giving to each other. It will make Abbot equally happy when you win games because he desires all the same things for you that you wish for him. And you also learned that if someone really loves you, he will forgive you. You are only monster, after all- allowed to make mistakes. You are learning everyday...that is what life is all about. We love you dear, tender-hearted Caruthers.