Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the Vicinity of Valentines

What do I LOVE? I LOVE Valentine's Day. The only day of the year when I can eat as much chocolate as I want!
My maker took me to work again today. It was great to be back at the candy store. The smells, the colors....the chocolate! She set me up with a whole 2 pound box of vanilla creams in this beautiful heart box. Can you see how many I ate? I listened carefully to the customers because I wanted to know what all the chocolate buying was about. I listened to harried men ask for chocolates for their wives and girlfriends; giddy women ask for chocolates for their husbands and boyfriends; children begs their moms and grandmas for a chocolate heart sucker. Some of the couples came in together, holding hands, with strange looks on their faces. I'm not sure I understood what the fuss was about.
After a very long burp (excuse me!) and quite a torrential bellyache I asked my maker the meaning of this Valentine's Day event. I mean, is this what it's all about? Chocolate wrapped in hearts? I remember at Christmas time thinking about the presents and Santa (and chocolate) only to find out there was an entirely different meaning beneath the holiday. I wondered if that was to be true of Valentine's Day. She must have heard me because she said, "Caruthers, Valentine's Day was named after a saint, St. Valentine, and it is a day that we show the ones we love how much we love them, usually by some sort of shower of affection. In most cases that means a type of gift, like flowers or chocolates, because these are luxuries most people don't buy every day. It's special." However, I thought that was very reminiscent of what Christmas was about, but then she added, "....usually ROMANTIC love." Romantic love? I wondered what that was. I LOVE Abbot, and I LOVE my maker, and I even LOVE her family....well, MOST of them....but what is "romantic"? She must have seen my puzzled look because she took me in her hands and looked me in the eyes and said, "Romantic love is how one would feel about a person they want to spend all their time with. Someone they can lean on, someone who loves them back, someone to snuggle with, wake up with, feel comfortable with. Someone they can tell all their secrets to and not worry about being yelled at or ridiculed. Someone to hold and be held by when the world is particularly frosty." Then I thought that is how I feel about Abbot, and, yet, maybe I do not understand. Maybe this is a concept that is uniquely human. That made me sad. Would I ever have romantic love? I would be happy for someone to snuggle with and someone to tell my secrets to. I would be happy if someone would hold me and lean on me, too. Well, I guess for now I will just be happy being who I am and having the love I DO have. It should be enough for anyone, shouldn't it? Then why do I feel as if a hole was just drilled through me? Why do I feel an empty space deep within my stuffing? I didn't realize when I was created that so many feelings came with this earthly experience. They are powerful and exciting. They make me joyous.....and sad. This day has brought forth a lot of questions. Sometimes I look forward to discovering the answers, but now I am a little melancholy. Wallowing is something I don't pride myself on, but just for today, I watched in anguish the lovers of the world, and daydreamed about my answers, and my chances at LOVE.
Until next time.

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April said...

Poor poor many things you don't understand in this world- join the club! It is a confusing world, even for those of us who have been here much longer than you, my dear monster. Maybe your maker is trying to say that you need a DOG! When I read what she said about "Romantic Love" the first one who popped into my head was Henry! Henry is our dog, and I certainly want to spend all my time with him! I can definitely "Lean" on Henry because he weighs 100 pounds, and he doesn't fall over easily. Henry loves me back and he's into snuggling and waking up with me...and my husband! He actually hogs the bed and Grrrrs at you if you try to move him. I feel very comfortable with Henry and he doesn't care if I wear my bleach-spotted sweat pants or not. I can definitely tell him secrets because he can't blab. And I like to be near him when it's frosty because he is hairy and warm and soft. BUT! I say this Romantic love? Hmmm.....some shirt and tie fellow on your maker's blog mentioned "Sexy lingerie" and I can't see Henry wearing that! So, I'm sort of confused about the different types of love- just like you are! Also, I'm afraid there might not be all that many GIRL monsters available...except for our son's current girlfriend. So, I suggest you enjoy the love you feel for your dear family right now and your best pal, Abbot. Maybe someday you will find the Romantic monster of your Dreams......