Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hanging Out In Trees

It looked like a beautiful day outside today. The sun was shining, displaying a brightness of which I had not seen a lot in the past few months since I've been here. Abbot and I have been so bored. We've pretty much gotten into all the trouble we possibly could in this house. We've found all the hiding places for the food, we've jumped on all the beds, gotten tangled in all the sheets, flushed things down the toilet (for which we know not where it all went!), played hide and seek in the appliances (Abbot, sorry to say, got singed when he fell asleep in the oven), and even terrorized the family's dog (I don't think he'll ever like us). We have tried many ways to escape from this house, checking all windows and doors for tiny openings though which we might be able to sneak, running as fast as we could slamming face first into the window, always to no avail. So, today Abbot and I had our noses pressed up to the window when my maker returned from work. She said we looked like abandonned pets, moping, with eyes glazed over leaving a smudge on the window. Then she to me, "Caruthers, do you and Abbot want to go outside for a little while?" Then she just opened the door wide and let us out into the snow. We ran like ink in the rain. There were some bald spots in the yard where the snow had melted and we ran first to them, instinctively thinking that would be warm ground. And even though it was a bit brisk outside, the air was fresh and clean. It reminded me of a mint, or some toothpaste (which made me ill when I tried it.....I didn't know one is supposed to spit it out after tasting!). The air filled the inside of me and I must admit I was a bit dizzy at first and I do not know why. My insides felt alive and cold, like each fiber was standing on end. Abbot and I, in an attempt to soak up some heat from the sun, perched in the hydrangea bush. It looked dead but my maker assured me it was alive. It couldn't be alive, though, because all the dried flowers rustled in the wind, and when I touched them they crumbled in my hand. I thought I would cry for having hurt an innocent flower. My maker must have heard me because she said, "Caruthers, do not be sad. It is true that those flowers have lost their life's blood, but in a few months you will see all the new leaves and new flowers that have come to replace them." She went on to explain about different plants and trees and seeds (Seeds!!), and the various lifespans of various plants, and said I would see for myself the glories of Spring soon enough. Her explanations helped my understanding of plants, but it still made me sad for the plants that died. Where did they go? And how is it that they live on even when they appear to be so dead? This world sure confuses me. I am not sure if I will ever understand it all. I am also not sure if I want to. It seems the more questions I ask, the more questions I have. Is it worth it to try to understand it all? I am not sure.
Abbot and I had our photo taken and scurried back into the house. The sun was throwing its rays sideways in the sky and the shadows that were cast were long. It was getting darker. Plus, we smelled pudding.
Until next time.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the Vicinity of Valentines

What do I LOVE? I LOVE Valentine's Day. The only day of the year when I can eat as much chocolate as I want!
My maker took me to work again today. It was great to be back at the candy store. The smells, the colors....the chocolate! She set me up with a whole 2 pound box of vanilla creams in this beautiful heart box. Can you see how many I ate? I listened carefully to the customers because I wanted to know what all the chocolate buying was about. I listened to harried men ask for chocolates for their wives and girlfriends; giddy women ask for chocolates for their husbands and boyfriends; children begs their moms and grandmas for a chocolate heart sucker. Some of the couples came in together, holding hands, with strange looks on their faces. I'm not sure I understood what the fuss was about.
After a very long burp (excuse me!) and quite a torrential bellyache I asked my maker the meaning of this Valentine's Day event. I mean, is this what it's all about? Chocolate wrapped in hearts? I remember at Christmas time thinking about the presents and Santa (and chocolate) only to find out there was an entirely different meaning beneath the holiday. I wondered if that was to be true of Valentine's Day. She must have heard me because she said, "Caruthers, Valentine's Day was named after a saint, St. Valentine, and it is a day that we show the ones we love how much we love them, usually by some sort of shower of affection. In most cases that means a type of gift, like flowers or chocolates, because these are luxuries most people don't buy every day. It's special." However, I thought that was very reminiscent of what Christmas was about, but then she added, "....usually ROMANTIC love." Romantic love? I wondered what that was. I LOVE Abbot, and I LOVE my maker, and I even LOVE her family....well, MOST of them....but what is "romantic"? She must have seen my puzzled look because she took me in her hands and looked me in the eyes and said, "Romantic love is how one would feel about a person they want to spend all their time with. Someone they can lean on, someone who loves them back, someone to snuggle with, wake up with, feel comfortable with. Someone they can tell all their secrets to and not worry about being yelled at or ridiculed. Someone to hold and be held by when the world is particularly frosty." Then I thought that is how I feel about Abbot, and, yet, maybe I do not understand. Maybe this is a concept that is uniquely human. That made me sad. Would I ever have romantic love? I would be happy for someone to snuggle with and someone to tell my secrets to. I would be happy if someone would hold me and lean on me, too. Well, I guess for now I will just be happy being who I am and having the love I DO have. It should be enough for anyone, shouldn't it? Then why do I feel as if a hole was just drilled through me? Why do I feel an empty space deep within my stuffing? I didn't realize when I was created that so many feelings came with this earthly experience. They are powerful and exciting. They make me joyous.....and sad. This day has brought forth a lot of questions. Sometimes I look forward to discovering the answers, but now I am a little melancholy. Wallowing is something I don't pride myself on, but just for today, I watched in anguish the lovers of the world, and daydreamed about my answers, and my chances at LOVE.
Until next time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reading is FUNdamental

There is definitely nothing more snugly to do than curl up with a good book on a cold day. Abbot and I took to reading a classic, The Catcher in the Rye, by JD Salinger (who recently died, by the way). We enjoyed the antics of Holden Caufield and could easily see how this coming of age story found it's high honor in the world of literature. I was surprised by some of the language and asked my maker why there was so much swearing, and was the swearing necessary. All she said to me was, "Caruthers, those are things a reader decides for himself. The reader has to figure out if he is offended or if the language makes the story more pertinent." I am not sure what she meant by that, but I think she wanted me to think for myself. Abbot, on the other hand, was not offended, having heard a lot of that language from his rambunctious cousins. Abbot doesn't swear, though. I like that about him. He's still quite quiet when we're hanging around, but now and then I tug on his ear or tickle his armpits, and he laughs in that silly gargle he possesses. It's so fun to be his friend and to share things with books, conversation, and even boredom. We don't get bored too often, however. We always try to find something curious to entertain us. The other day we tried to see how many marbles would fit in Abbot's pockets. The problem was neither of us are very good at math, but his pockets were busting at the seams. Then we tried to see how many would fit in my mouth. Let me just say that marbles don't taste anything like chocolate. My cheeks were full, like a chipmunk in autumn. Spitting them back into the jar from where they came was another story.....
Until next time!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Family That Came To Stay (Briefly)

We had a few guests over the weekend. Abbot's cousins came all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico to visit for a few days. As timid as I have made Abbot out to be is how unabashed his cousins are. They were rabble-rousers to say the least, very colorful characters, climbing all over the furniture, eating all the chocolates and stuffing cookies in their pockets, jumping out to scare my maker and her family from behind various corners and spaces. They snuck outside and terrorized the dog, took clothing out of the dressers to try on, jumped on the bed......I must say, I was truely shocked at their behavior. Then after all their antics were finished, and they had tired themselves (and the rest of us) out, they were cuddly and sweet as they snuggled up to each other on the couch, shared their crumbled cookies and melted chocolates, and caused uproars of laughter with their toothy smiles and blinking, colored eyelashes. They made themselves at home, taking turns sitting in my maker's lap with her hands clasped around their bellies, cooing like babies as they found a safe place to rest . But for all the commotion they caused I must say it was good for Abbot to see them. Paddy, Jonas and Scamp even got Abbot to pose for the photo standing on his ears. I enjoyed hearing Abbot's gargley laughter so often, and that made me laugh too. In all the time Abbot has been here he has not acted so silly. I guess when you feel comfortable, feel like you belong, it makes it easier to be yourself. My maker did manage to get the three scaliwags to sit still for a moment to take this photo for Abbot. Now Abbot may not feel so sad if he can stick a photo of his cousins in his pocket, and look at it when he's meloncholy. It makes me happy too, that Abbot will have something in his pocket. Isn't that pleasing that something so seemingly inconsequential can make me feel like I have some warm pudding in my tummy, and a little more for later.
Until next time.