Sunday, January 24, 2010

Road Trip!

It had been a long couple of weeks in this dismal January. The weather was turning for the better with warmer temperatures. My maker had been working diligently in the Creature Factory, sewing bodies and faces and clothes. She would be singing to some music in the Factory and then stare out the window, like there was some invisible force drawing her eyes out there. One day she said to me, "Caruthers, how do you feel about a road trip?" A road trip, I thought. What is that? She must have heard me because she said, "You and me, in the car, on a long trip somewhere. " After a pause she said, "And I know just the place." That was an exciting moment. A road trip! So, a couple days later my maker packed up some bags, strapped me in the back seat and off we went. The landscape was dreary as I looked out the window, watching metropolitan areas turn into farmland. Where are we going, I wondered. Just then my maker said, "Look Caruthers. See that sign? We're in Wisconsin." I came to learn that one of my maker's daughters attends a university in Wisconsin and we were going to visit her. I enjoyed the suspense of wondering where we were going, but was glad to know we had a destination.
When we arrived in the university town I had to wait in the car for a while until my maker's daughter finished her class for the day. Then she and her friend helped us check into our hotel, which was old and fancy, like a picture from a good movie. After that it was nothing but fun. When the humans went out for their dinner I stayed in the hotel room all alone. It was scary at first, but I found the remote control for the TV and flipped channels a while. I jumped on the bed and then tried my hardest to smooth out the wrinkles from that escapade. My maker told me that Abbot might be calling so I sat a while with the phone close to me just in case. But he never did. I wondered what he was doing tonight.
When my maker and her daughter returned from their dinner they were quite giggly and in a good mood. My maker said, "Get on your swimming suit, Caruthers, because we're going swimming in the pool." I was so excited to see a real pool! I gave my maker a strange look, however, because I know as well as she does that I can't get wet. Then she smiled at me and said, "I know, Caruthers. But you can come sit in a pool chair and watch us swim." When we got to the pool area there were people playing a game with a tiny white ball on a table with a short net. They hit the ball back and forth to each other. I sat there a while until my eyes hurt from watching the ball sail across the net. Then I made my way to a long chair by the pool. It was very warm in the pool area, and humid. But I did not complain, because even being made of wool, the heat felt wonderful on this chilly January evening. My maker and her daughter enjoyed the warm water, but then my maker eyed another amenity we had to try.

If I thought the pool area was warm, then the sauna felt like I was on fire. All three of us stepped inside this small, wood covered room and my maker turned a dial on the wall. Just then it got very warm in that room, and if I was human I am sure I would have been sweating. I listened to my maker and her daughter talk about life and books and other things I had no clue whatsoever. They laughed a lot. It was a comforting sound. Soon, they couldn't handle the heat and it was time to leave. We went back to our room and my maker set me on the chair for the night. She looked at the bed and I could tell she was wondering how it got messed up. She looked at me and said, "Oh Caruthers. I can't take you ANYwhere!" She smiled at me though.
We returned the college girl to her dorm the next day and drove home in the fog and rain. I was actually happy to see the fog and rain. It was a nice change to the cold and snow. However, I had a funny feeling in my stomach, knowing my adventure would be over and I'd be back sitting in the Creature Factory looking out the window. But I also knew that Abbot was at home, waiting for me. I would be happy to see his face.
Until next time.

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April said...

Oh Caruthers...what fun to take a road trip in Winter...and your very first stay in a hotel! I think I have been to more hotels than you, so let me tell you what I know. The first thing you do, when you arrive, is to open all the drawers and see if there is any fun free postcards or stationary or ink pens or the Room Service Menu (More about that in a minute). Then you check out the bathroom and look to make sure there are enough drinking glasses and maybe some nice soap, shampoo, and conditioner. There might be a soap in the shower too, Caruthers. If you like, you can save the soap in the shower to take home and give to your best pal, Abbot. There should also be a really big mirror in the bathroom. You can hop up onto the closed toilet seat, and then onto the bathroom counter and make faces at yourself in the big mirror. You can put one of the hotel towels around your shoulders and pretend to be a super hero! Your maker will like that! Then you can jump off the counter and swing from the hangers in the closet without doors. All of that will make you you take your phone and press the bump for "Room Service". Caruthers, it is like being at the candy store! You just tell the voice what you want to eat and the food will be brought up to your room! You can get anything you want...Really! Half a cantaloupe is a very nice thing to order, Caruthers. Also, after you are full, you can sneak out of your room and run down the long hall to look for the ice machine. It is lots of fun to fill your ice bucket (Did you find it in your room?) and then when you are so hot from the wood oven room, you can cool your skinny little legs in the ice! So, those are just a few things I know and maybe next time you will be more of a hotel expert. I bet you had lots of stories to tell Abbot!