Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions and Blues

There's a different feeling around here today. I am told it is the second day of a new year. 2010. This brings to mind a lot of questions about time and how it has been counted. Two thousand years seems to be a long time, considering the average human lasts only about 70 years. My maker told me this. She explained that humans, because they are living, breathing creatures, can only live for a certain amount of time, and that they cannot choose how long that will be. My inquisitions keep compounding, I am afraid, the longer I am here. I wonder about myself, for I am not a human. I don't breathe or bleed, so I wonder if I am alive at all? However, I feel things, like this melancholy hanging in the air today. Yesterday we were celebrating the new year ahead. It was boisterous and loud! I had so much fun!
Today we took the ornaments off the Christmas Tree and put the tree out into the cold. I helped put the ornaments back into their prospective boxes until next December. It made me sad to see all the shiny, lovely trinkets get wrapped in tissue and placed in larger boxes where they will sleep for so long. If I could cry, I would. My maker was quiet as she completed this chore, but took a photo of me so that I may remember. There was a lot of contemplation happening as those boxes were packed. It felt like Christmas had taken all her presents and stuffed them back into Santa's sack.
Every new year brings about a time to reflect and ponder, my maker said. We can once again hope for better things to come. She told me that people often make resolutions to live a better life, to change their ways, or to be a more productive person in their world. Some people just know that the new year will be better. They just know it. How could they know?
Still it feels strange around here. Unusually quiet. I miss the laughter already. I asked my maker why doesn't happiness last, and why can't we feel good all the time, like we were when we were celebrating these past few weeks. She said to me, "Caruthers, without rain there would be no flowers; without darkness there would be no light; without endings, no beginnings; without sadness, no happiness." I thought about what that meant. I'm still thinking. What a curious world.
Until next time.

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April said...

Happy New Year, Caruthers!
Don't feel confused or blue(Except for those ears!). I think your maker is just sad because she misses Christmas and her children. When children come home to visit, they bring excitement and life. Then, when they leave, they take the sparkle away with them. Trust me, you will understand someday when you have little polka dot monsters running around. Maybe you could try and cheer up your maker. Ummm...let's could sing, "Zippity Do Dah"- do you sing, Caruthers? Or you could wear a top hat, grab a cane and do a silly dance- do you dance, Caruthers? Oops....maybe you better just stay put in that "Borders/Frames" box, shut the lid, and lay low for a bit...I just read an entry from your Maker and she sounds a bit pissy right at the moment. But it won't last know why? because next month is Valentine's day and your maker will be busy and happy and there will be chocolate and hearts EVERYWHERE!!! So, be patient, smile your endearing goofy smile and practice singing!