Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun and Games

Abbot and I took to reading the comics Sunday afternoon. I was so excited that my maker showed me this. I felt I have found a world where beings like me are commonplace. Maybe that is why she showed me. The drawings were all different and the characters were all doing very silly things. And all their words are delivered in a nice white bubble! If only I had a white bubble over my head! I heard this strange sound coming from Abbot. He has not said much or made much noise of any kind since he arrived here, and all of a sudden he was making sound! I realized he was laughing. He has a strange laugh. Almost like a gargle. His laugh made me laugh, and before we knew it, we were both laughing so hard we could not stop! We loved Mother Goose and Grimm, Over the Hedge, and Garfield. It helped to get Abbot out of his shyness shell. That made me smile.
Later in the week Abbot and I sat down to a game called chess. It took us hours to read the instructions, and the boy who lives here explained it to us, how to move the pawns and the knights. Such funny names for the pieces. Like being in medieval times. I wondered what I'd look like as a king, with a crown on my head. Or a lowly pawn, just doing the peasant's work. Then I started imagining my life back in those times. I wondered if anyone like me existed then. I asked my maker and she said back in those days there were dragons and monsters of all kinds. She said it was a very excitng time to live and we could read a book about it sometime. Since Abbot and I really didn't know what we were doing on the chess board, we resorted instead to make up stories about our kingdoms, and used our chess pieces as toys to act out our stories. The boy in the house just shook his head. Maybe he doesn't know there's more than one way to play a game?
As a side note, I asked Abbot what he kept in his pockets, and as shy as he is, he would not say. In fact, I saw his cheeks flush a little with embarrasment. His pockets don't seem to bulge at all and I am thinking they are empty. So I asked him if they were filled with air, because air, though invisible, is still something. He liked that. He smiled. I had no idea what a special feeling it would be to make another being smile. It's like a giant balloon you give to someone, and then they give it back.
Until next time.


April said...

Oh Cruthers...I am so happy you have a good friend like Abbot. Now we will have to call you, "Costello"! You were waiting for that, weren't you? I'm sorry...I could not resist. And you are both playing Chess the same way I have always played it! There are so many other fun games to play...there is one called "Dominoes" and you can stack up all the little rectangular thingies and then knock them all down! Or you can build houses with them...or you can even make jewlery with them (Pssssst...don't tell the boy that or he will frown at you and roll his eyes! Did you know teenagers can roll their eyes just like Monsters- its' pretty cool!) I would love to send you some silly putty, that's lots of fun when you read the comics. You can press it on the comics and make the image show up on the silly putty. Hmmm...but maybe I better not. I gave some to my nephew when he was little and I got in big trouble from my sister, because the knucklehead left it smushed on the brand new carpet. Caruthers, making an image of the carpet on silly putty is not worth it! And I'm glad there is air in Abbot's pocket although I was always advised to keep a dime in my pocket for a phone well as a tissue for a runny nose. So, you might want to pass that on to Abbot. Keep having fun and let me know if you want some silly putty.

sandlalouer said...

So nice you have a friend Caruthers! I enjoy so much to read your adventures and now with Abbot! It's a little light in my day at work. But seems you already had a friend called April! Love your comments April!

April said...

Thank-you so very much, Sandlalouer! I am usually a pretty dull old girl but Caruthers is so fun and appealing, he inspires me to comment! I bet he loves to hear from all his friends!