Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Friends Make the World Go Round

My maker is back to work in the Creature Factory. She posed me against this wall so my readers could see the montage of colors with which I'm bombarded when I sit in the room. You can see the edge of the ironing board and a painting, as well as patterns, a poster for a rock band, and my maker's laptop. This is the computer on which I write my adventures. Sometimes all this stimulation leaves me a little tired and I like to close my eyes while the creation is occurring.
Yesterday I had a visit from a couple of sweet little girls, Beth and Clara, and let me tell you they were a lot of fun! They carried me around the house, tried to feed me animal crackers and water, pulled my arms and teeth, played peek-a-boo with me, and sang me the ABC's. Oh, I had such fun! I don't get to see many small children, in fact, that was only the second time I had seen any in real life. I like them because they are more my size. But even more than that I can always tell when children are happy or sad. Children always let a person know how they feel. They don't try to cover it up. Many times I've had to smile even if I felt horrible inside. I know smiling has its benefits, and it's usually contagious, but if I were a child I wouldn't have to smile if I didn't want to. But Beth and Clara smiled a lot. They must be very happy. I just couldn't help myself but smile the whole time they were here!
Standing with me here is Abbot. He's new. A new creation. I like him a lot. We have a lot in common, for one thing, our green faces. His is a little different color, and his two eyes are different, but I like him just the same. (He has POCKETS!) In the Creature Factory, I have learned, we are ALL different, and that's what makes us special. My maker was toying with the idea of creating me a friend, but I am unsure if Abbot will be allowed to stick around. I am trying not to get too close to him in case he moves away. I know that deep inside I should try to make as many friends as possible, that ALL friends make me into the being I am, whether I know them a long time or a short time. I guess I will have to add this to my list of questions to ponder. I'm quite accomplished at pondering. I wonder what my maker would suggest?
Until next time.

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April said...

Abbot looks pretty interesting, Caruthers. If I were you, I would go ahead and ask him his opinion about life in general. It's the same when you ride in an airplane and you sit next to someone you've never met before (Like Joan Rivers..oh wait, she's not allowed to fly..ummm...maybe someone else then...) Anyway, if the person looks intersting...and Abbot certainly does, it might be the very best thing in the world to strike up a conversation! I mean, you could ask Abbot about his interesting pockets??? Does he have anything in his pockets? Does he plan on filling his pockets? You might introduce him to chocolate. Maybe slip some chocolates into his handsome pockets. Or maybe he could tell you how he plans to keep his ears warm in this Winter weather? How does Abbot feel about smiling all the time? See, there are so many topics you can share and discuss. Even if Abbot leaves soon, better to make a friend than to have never tried. Go to him. sort of remind me of Alice in Wonderland!