Monday, December 14, 2009

A Visit With Santa Claus

When my maker told me she was taking me to see Santa Claus I did not know what to think. "What is a Santa Claus?" I thought. But she told me Santa Claus isn't a "what" but a "who". "Who is he then?" I thought. She must have heard me because she told me the story of Santa, how he is all-knowing, loving, giving, and viewed as the Father of Christmas. He is a saint in the Catholic faith, and he's been around for hundreds of years. The first thing I thought was that he must be very old. Now, I am not all that familiar with how the human world works, but I have noticed that people look different, depending on how long they've been on the earth. Some are very small and can barely speak or walk. The taller ones come in all shapes and sizes. And then some that have been here a very long time, tend to have lines on their skin, gray or white hairs, and they walk a bit slower than the others. I've heard them talking to people on the street about how the world was when they were younger. Which brings me back to Santa Claus, who must be very feeble having been around for so long.
I waited at his door. He had specific hours he was going to be in his cottage. I was told he has a lot of cottages around the world, just like this one, and he can only stop by for a short amount of time. He's busy seeing all the children of the world and asking them what they'd like for Christmas. I was first in line on this day and I must admit, I was a bit scared. I had never seen Santa before, nor did I know what he would look like. There are other men I've seen around, and most of them wear blue jeans and a shirt. Would Santa look like the other men I've seen or would he look different? There had to be something special about him, I thought, to garner him so much attention at Christmas. And as I am not yet sure what Christmas is all about, I am searching for clues that will help me figure it out. My maker says she'll tell me more, but I'd like to see if I can decipher it on my own.
When I first saw Santa I marveled at his facial hair. It felt a little itchy on my skin. He had so much! And it was white as snow! He must have been old to have hair that white! It was hard to see if he had lines on his skin. I expected him to be breakable. Maybe he had some secret to staying young, like a magical facial cream, or a special diet? He smelled of cookies and he was all soft and warm. My body just settled right into his lap. His suit was made of a dark red velvet, and the jingle bells draped across his knee belonged to one of his reindeer, he told me. How I wanted to shake those bells! And see his reindeer! Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I was unsure what I should say. I already have everything I need in my very own family. I whispered something into Santa's ear, and he must have heard me because he gave me a candy cane. He must be all-knowing if he knows I like candy! But as for what I'd like for Christmas, I am not sure I know. I'll have to think about that.
After Santa tickled my belly and shook my hand, off I went with my candy cane and a smile on my face. There were some little girls waiting for their turn to sit on Santa's lap. They had anxious and excited eyes, and sweet little cherry colored cheeks. I looked at them, and they at me, and I wondered what they would be whispering in Santa's ear.
Until next time.

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April said... look like one of Santa's Elves- especially your ears! Did your maker tell you about the Elves? They are very important and help Santa with all his toys. Hmmm...and Elves like candy too...and Elves are short...AH HA! You must be part ELF, you think so? And...shhhhhh...this is a secret...maybe you want a forever that won't have to be sent away? I don't know if Santa could bring such a gift or not... but he IS capable of all sorts of wonderful magic!