Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Isn't Anything Like Marshmallows

Is there anything more lovely than snow in December? Giant white flakes floating like feathers to the ground. The chill of the air. The crunching sound beneath my makers boots. The silence like a blanket thrown over the world. With the darkness encroaching I felt almost like I was in another world when my maker took me outside today to experience snow. I had my nose pressed to the window ever since it started snowing yesterday. I tried to imagine just what it would feel like. Would it be soft as feathers? Would it hurt like pebbles when it touched my nose? Would it taste like chocolate, or lima beans? And as it piled up on the ground I didn't know what would happen if someone walked on it. Then I saw my maker's dog eagerly run about in it, roll in it, stuff his nose into it as if looking for a hidden treat. I saw the prints left behind by the dog's feet, and I saw how happy he was. So today I begged my maker for a little outdoor time, even as she squawked about me getting wet. I assured her it wouldn't be for long. I only wanted to feel it on myself.
She took me outside as the evening arrived. It was a little dark, but I wasn't too scared. I have discovered that darkness is a part of every day, and when my maker is around how could I be frightened? She set me out against a pine tree and the prairie garden on a little red checkered napkin. The napkin didn't keep me warm, nor did it protect my sitting area from getting damp, but don't tell her that. She may never let me outside again! I sat for a few minutes while the snow fell around me and onto me. I liked it. It tickled. I wanted to roll in it and stuff my nose beneath it. It was quiet as it fell except for the faint sounds it made as it rested on me. My imagination was almost correct. The only thing that was missing was the taste. I expected marshmallow or frosting. It was neither. HOW do I know about marshmallow and frosting? How do you think I know? But despite the lack of taste, I wasn't disappointed.
Until next time.

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April said...

Caruthers..you look so very cute on your little picnic blanket! Yes, isn't snow wonderful! You are lucky to live where it snows. Here in the middle of Arkansas we don't get much snow...so when we do it is a HUGE celebration! Our doggies love it too and try to catch snowballs as if they were tennis balls. You must tell your maker to make some Snow ice Cream if you want to taste snow as a treat- it is delicious and since you are a chocolate addict, you might even add some cocoa powder to the recipe...Yum!