Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Heart on a Thread

OOps. As you can see i got into the chocolates again. I was very careful not to get any chocolate on myself. I was sitting here by the computer while my maker was paying the bills for the farm. My maker's husband is a farmer and he grows corn and soybeans. While he is busy in the fields harvesting, my maker takes care of the bookwork for the farm. She assures me that she does not do any of the marketing, as she does not feel secure in that respect. It takes a lot of smarts to market grain, she told me. It can be risky. I'll say. She left me for 2 minutes to go get some envelopes and I could not resist those chocolates. When she returned and saw those empty wrappers she didn't seem too happy with me. "Oh, Caruthers...." was all she said.
Later in the day we were back in the Creature Factory as my maker worked on this dog necklace for a customer. A customer named Karlene sent a photo of her dog for my maker to recreate into a necklace. I think he's fabulous and I wish I could keep him around my neck. It would be like a friend who never leaves me and lays right against my heart. I can't think of a better thing to have in this world. The dog is named Jack and I think he will be leaving me soon. Is it hard for me to keep losing these friends? Would it be better to not have known them at all? I am not sure. Sometimes it makes me sad, but then I think of all the possibilities of new friends and meeting them all. It makes me excited to be alive, if that is what I am. Every day is a new experience. At least I like to think of it that way. I think Jack will be happy where he's going. He will lay against Karlene's heart and make her happy.
Until next time!

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April said...

Caruthers, I don't blame you one bit for getting into the chocolates! It's not the chocolates that cause's the makers who leave them accessible for monsters that cause trouble...or something like that. I have an idea about your friend problem. I'm sure, by now, you have heard of Santa Claus. Why don't you go sit on his lap (If he is visiting your town) or write to him and ask him to bring you a friend of your own who can stay with you and never ever leave. That way you would have someone to talk to all the time and someone to share a little bit of naughty fun(Like getting into the chocolates!). Your maker has sure created an adorable necklace. My Henry loves it! Love you, Caruthers!