Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday Night at the Creature Factory

Last night I spent some time in the room in which I was created.....my maker's sewing room. I spend a lot of time in there, actually. I have made myself a bed on the piles of sweater fabrics and I like to sit there and just look around and listen. My maker plays some music while she's working. I can't say I always like what she plays. Most of it I like, though. Some of it is scary. Because I was just sitting there thinking, I asked my maker to take a couple photos of me I could write about. She heard me say I'd like to chat it up with the snowman necklaces that were sitting in a jar on the shelf. She moved me over to them and I had a nice conversation with this one, Sweetie, who was just a delightful creature. Sweetie has not been around for very long either. She said that creatures like us come and go rather quickly. It made me think of my dog friend from a couple weeks ago who went to a country of which I've never heard. It was nice meeting him, and Sweetie, but I wonder if all the friends I make will be taken away from me. It makes me sad. Both Sweetie and i sat fascinated as my maker traced her hand, cut out the shape from a thick red sweater and made mittens. Then she picked through pieces of wool and made a face on the mittens. It was silly when she finished, but she said they are very warm. She made them for a friend who would like to give them to her daughter for Christmas. What is Christmas? I asked. My maker just smiled and said, "You'll see." This is a large box filled with fabrics where I spend most of my time. I don't mind, though, because it is softer than any other place I've sat. It makes me sleepy. Especially last night as my maker worked and I watched. Sweetie had had enough stimulation and requested that I leave her to sleep. I couldn't not oblige her. She was so nice to speak to me. I took my place, then, here on the fabric pile and sang softly to myself. My maker's CD had ended and she did not start another one. She's very funny when her music is playing. She sings loudly, and then sometimes, not very loud at all. She concentrates on what she's doing, then all of a sudden swoops me into her arms to dance.
I like it here.
Until next time.


April said...

Oh Caruthers...you are such a gentle soul. You look so cozy on your soft box of fabric. I would like to see the mittens your maker made with the silly faces...did you talk to them? I would still love for you to visit me sometime here in Arkansas. You would have fun with the puppets at the toy store. I am going to send your maker some pictures and maybe she will let you come visit sometime.

a painter said...

Caruthers, what a cozy spot you have! We have spots like that here, too. We have a factory, too, although it is very messy right now. You are so lucky your maker decided to keep you and let you have fun in the factory and with her family! We dance here, too...but we don't sing out loud. Maybe we will try that!