Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookies, Presents, and Lights!

Just a few days before Christmas and there was still so much to do! I discovered that there are more sweets in the world than just chocolates and candy canes! There are these yummy concoctions called cookies! And not just any kind of cookie, but cookies that are made only at Christmas time! My maker started a batch of what she calls snowballs. They are a butter cookie with a powdered sugar coating, and when they're finished they look like tiny snowballs! I tried not to get my hands in the dough because I knew that would send me to the big bad washing machine. However, when my maker left the room for a minute, I grabbed a bit of the dough and shoved it in my mouth. It was so good! It certainly didn't taste like snow. In fact, if snow tasted like cookies I think there would be a lot less of it lying on the ground. My maker and I also made toffee bars, and sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, which made me wonder......what is a Christmas tree and why don't we have one yet?
While we were waiting for cookies to bake my maker gathered an armload of boxes and colored paper and sat me on the floor to help her with the next project. I learned that inside all the boxes she set on the floor were gifts for her family. I was thrilled and amazed. Imagine getting so many gifts! I wondered what the reason was for all the gifts. My maker must have heard me because she told me that the reason we give gifts at Christmas time has a little to do with both that baby, Jesus, and that man in the red suit, Santa. I learned that Jesus was a gift to our world from God. God just made his very own son and set him on the earth, just as any other human being comes to the world. He gave Jesus to a young woman named Mary and her husband-to-be Joseph, so they could take care of him. He was a very special baby because he was part of God. A very special gift to a weary world. Santa, on the other hand, was a saint that lived a long time ago. St. Nicholas he was. On Christmas he would go to the houses that had children and leave them coins and fruit in their stockings that dried by the fireplace. He wanted it to be a secret so that tax collectors wouldn't find the money and take it away. I just thought these stories were fascinating. There are so many good stories and traditions related to Christmas. No wonder it is such an adored holiday. Wrapping presents was the most fun of all because I knew when the packages were opened there would be more smiling faces than just mine on Christmas morning.

I was SO excited to finally learn what a Christmas Tree was! When my maker's husband brought an actual TREE into the house I was very excited! It was an evergreen tree, with short spikey leaves. They placed the tree in a holder so it would stand up straight and tall. Then my maker brought another armload of boxes into the room. I thought she was going to wrap more presents. She must have heard me because she told me that the boxes contained Christmas lights, and decorations for the tree called ornaments. I couldn't wait to see what was inside those boxes! First we had to put the lights on. I wanted to help so badly. My maker said I should not touch anything because everything was very fragile. But when she left the room to get an extension chord, I couldn't help myself. I just had to see those colored lights! I plugged them into the wall and before I knew it, the lights were wrapped around me like ribbons on a present. I thought I'd be in trouble for touching them, but my maker just laughed when she saw me. I smiled too. Later we will break into those boxes of ornaments and place them on the tree. But this day had been long, and rest was needed.
Until next time!

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April said...

Merry Christmas Eve, Caruthers!
Ouuuhhhhh- those Snowball cookies look delicious! Gee, I thought my cookie sheets looked bad but I must admit, yours look badder! look very decorative wearing Christmas lights..for some reason you remind me of the fun cartoon where Chip and Dale are hiding inside the fresh Christmas tree that Mickey Mouse carries into his house.
I have another story for you...our son, Oliver, was born 33 years ago to this very day. The first time the nurse brought him to me, in my room, only his head was sticking out of a big Christmas Stocking (And he was crying!).It's one of my dearest memories and Oliver still has the same stocking hanging up every Christmas!
Hope you have a Wondrous day and maybe we will see what you do today?