Monday, November 23, 2009

Music To My Ears

Today I got a music lesson. This is one of my maker's daughters. She plays the violin and she's very talented. She showed me her beautiful instrument and told me all about it's age and quality. She played some notes for me and had me listen for the ringing sound as she was tuning. I had so many questions! How does she know where the notes are? How does she know how to hold it? She must have heard me because she knelt down, took her violin and tucked it under my chin and showed me how she bows the strings. It sounded so lovely in my ears I almost cried! What a wonderful gift to be able to make music!
My maker has another daughter that plays a different instrument. This is a case for a cello. I tried to hide in it because I would really like to travel along with a cello. I'm much too large for a violin case, but can fit perfectly in a cello case. I am not sure if I'd like to be closed inside, however. It would be dark and I might get scared.
This daughter plays the cello. I didn't know I'd be brought into such a musical family. I am excited to hear them play over the next few weeks when they're home from college. My maker tells me that they practice a lot. I enjoyed sitting on the chair listening to the cello play. She moves her arms a lot and a few times I thought I'd be knocked onto the floor, but I was lucky. I think it's nice how we can share the chair. She sits on the end and I sit in the corner. I asked her some questions about her cello. What was she playing? How much does she have to practice? She was playing scales. Scales are exercises a musician plays to warm up her fingers and work on intonation. Intonation means playing all the notes in tune. A stringed instrument player has to move her fingers into the exact location on a string in order to be in tune. It takes a lot of work, both daughters said, and a lot of practice!
I look forward to hearing more! My ears were made for this!!
Until next time!


a painter said...

Well Caruthers, those are wonderful photos of you listening to music with the girls. You seem to be having a lot of fun. It is nice the way you sit in the chair behind the daughter with such good posture. (You have good posture, too!) And the daughter with the violin was so nice to give you such a nice view of her violin. I wonder if you could learn the violin? Maybe your maker will find one for you. The dolls that live here have musical instruments.

We are used to going to concerts to hear Beautiful Music by Beautiful Students because the Grandson plays the cello. He is only eight but he loves it. Sometimes we see dolls and stuffed animals at the concert, but we have not seen anyone quite like you at a concert though!!

April said...

Hi Caruthers!
You are so lucky to be living in a home with such lovely ladies making beautiful music! It's not everyone who has the opportunity to hear the music "Live". Most of us have to put on a CD. When our daughter would practice her clarinet, our dog would howl. Did you howl, Caruthers?

By the way, I have a great idea for traveling in the cello case- just punch some holes in the case...little holes for air and a big hole to see out. That way you won't be scared!

Are you going to join the family at the Thanksgiving table? We can't wait to see!!!