Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rainy Day Friend

It's raining. I am sad because I do not go out in the rain. Oh, my maker assures me I wouldn't come to any harm if I got wet, but that it would be uncomfortable having to be dried in a clothes dryer. In a clothes dryer I would get very hot, and maybe even shrink. Shrink? What am I made of anyway that would shrink? I asked if I could air dry, you know, just sit around near a fan until I dried. But my maker explained something to me about how wet things, if not dried completely, could mold and smell. Well, that doesn't sound good to me. I certainly don't want to smell. So, here I sit by the window with a woeful feeling. Maybe tomorrow I'll get outside. My maker promised me a trip to the place where she works. I hope the weather is nice and I get to go.
After staring out the window for a while, watching and listening to the rain....it was quite peaceful, I'd never heard it before......my maker called me upstairs to the room in which I was constructed. She came to find me when I didn't come, and found me by the window. "Oh, Caruthers," she said, "Sometimes it rains and it's actually a good thing." Someday I hope she'll tell me why. But she scooped me up in her arms and brought me to the room where a new friend was waiting. She sat us next to each other for this photo. I am smiling. Can you see me smile? I love having a new friend. My maker said he is a dog, and then spoke softly to both of us while she adjusted our arms and legs for our photo. Then she said my new friend would be headed to Luxembourg. I made her show me the country on a map. It's far away, but my maker said someone there really wanted a friend too. So, my maker created this friend for her friend. I guess we all want friends, don't we? After my maker left the room, the dog and I had a wonderful time. We ran about the room, jumped in the piles of fabrics, played hide and seek amongst the boxes and bins, and pulled all the ribbon off the spools. Of course, we cleaned it all up. She'd never know what we had done. We were, however, extra careful around the scissors.
Until next time we visit!

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sandlalouer said...

Glad my little dog has a friend!! Love your adventures Caruthers!
Big hugs,