Friday, November 13, 2009

Out and About

I'm on my first adventure out in the world. I got to ride in a car with this belt across me. I am not tall enough for the shoulder strap, so I hope my maker is a good driver. I am just made of fluff so I probably wouldn't be hurt too badly if we crashed. The problem is that I could not see where we were going. The windows are placed too high for someone of my minimal stature. I sat in the car while my maker went into various stores. Again, I couldn't see anything out the window. But I smelled bread and felt the cool air rush past me when she opened the back door to load her purchases.
On the way home from the shopping trip, as I learned that's what my maker did, we stopped and I got to go outside and sit for a moment. Here I am in a corn field. Just after my maker snapped this photo I plunged to the earth, no worse for the wear. A little dirt, a few wisps of what lays on the ground. It was a glorious day outside, especially for one who has never been. There was a cool wind and the sound coming from the rustling corn was that of music to my ears. Much better than the singing furnace. This was peaceful, lulling. I wish I could have stayed.

Here I am sitting by a sign. You can get an idea of how small, or large, I am. The sun was shining on my face. Oh, I was happy. I wanted to get up and run, dart through the weeds like a dog. But, alas, my legs work about as efficiently as my hands. At least I don't need shoes.
Until next time. Please come back and visit.


April said...

Oh Caruthers! It is love at first sight! When oh when can you come to Little Rock?? We are going to do a Puppet show in December and you could come and watch and even be a guest star in our show, if it doesn't make you nervous (I realize you ar brand new and might not have any idea what in the Hell I am talking about.) Whoops- that was a cuss word, you don't want to use those, Caruthers, so please excuse me.Tell your maker I will take excellent care of you and send you home with a bit more fun under your belt (seatbelt) and some exciting adventures to write about. Let me know...if not Christmas, ANYTIME! Hugs and Smooches, April.

a painter said...

Hi, Caruthers! Dolls and Teddy Bears go for rides here, too. More than one doll is a "travel doll" at our house. There is Hitty and Edie...and some others, too.

We cannot wait to see where you end up next!