Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Introducing Caruthers P. Davenport

Testing, this thing on?
Hello, hello. My name is Caruthers P. Davenport. Please follow me on my adventures through my daily life. I will go on quests and hunts and frolic in the earthly bliss that is now my home. I was created over the past few days by a woman who loves music and art, loves to mold creatures with her bare hands and a sewing needle. She made me from scraps of this and that, patched a heart to my back and named me thus. You will see photos of me in many places, odd places, usual places, and I will tell you a story of these places. Perhaps I will make friends! I am so excited to make friends! Who am I, really? That is yet to be determined. As of now I am an image in your brain. I have not a profile, nor interests. However, all my mysteries will unfold over the next weeks and months....possibly years. Who knows? What will I look like? What will you think of me? Want to come along for the ride?

1 comment:

Jackie said...

This is hilarious and I love it!! Enjoy the day Caruthers P. Davenport and it so nice to me you~