Thursday, November 26, 2009

Don't Touch My Mashed Potatoes!

I attended my first running race on Thanksgiving. My maker and her family have hosted an annual Thanksgiving Day race for 8 years now. This was a lot of fun. I did not get a chance to run, mostly because I got into the chocolate turkey suckers yesterday (oops...I couldn't resist!) and had such a belly ache this morning, it was a wonder I could eat at all today! Plus, it was so cold that my maker thought it best if I stay in the heated shed keeping an eye on the food. After what happened with the chocolate yesterday, I didn't think I would ever be trusted again! I swear, I was good, though. I only WATCHED the food. I also watched a little as it went into my mouth. YES, I was able to eat! And I am glad because there is a lot of good food in this world. I thought I'd only be able to watch and smell my entire life! This photo is me with a few really nice runners who promised me some chocolate after the photo. SSHHH!
The best place to be on Thanksgiving, I discovered, was near the mashed potatoes. There was very little food left. This family can really eat! Since there were 2 bowls of mashed potatoes, I figured no one would really care if I took care of what was left in this bowl. The broccoli casserole behind me? Well, I didn't care for that. It's green.
After dinner, such a strange ritual. I was feeling a bit sleepy and when I wandered into the living room I noticed a bunch of others were sleepy too! They were all just LAYING on the floor! Their eyes were slightly glazed over and there was a hint of groaning. I couldn't understand why until someone asked if we wanted dessert. Then the groaning became louder. I was scared. I didn't know what that meant. But, despite the groaning, they all continued to lay on the floor, across chairs and couches. It was very strange. However, I wanted to be a part of all the action, experience the entire day, so I climbed on top on someone and laid down too. These tender hands kind of patted me and rested on my belly. And I must say, it felt good. Then we played cards in which no photography is allowed. Something about cheating? What's cheating? Cards lasted for hours. If I thought the after dinner groaning was scary, the fights and the yelling while the family played cards was downright frightening! It got very loud, then very quiet, then very loud again. They said they were playing Pinochle. It sounded more like they were playing hockey!
Until next time. Boy, I LIKE Thanksgiving!

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April said...

Looks like you had a Fantastic Thanksgiving, Caruthers! And now you will be able to Groan with the best of em' (Wait till Christmas!) Uh oh, is that a mashed potato spot on one of your blue dots? Tell your maker you need an apron (Or one of those Lobster eating bibs.)because you do look right at home in the kitchen. Well, I'm off to work Black Friday! Take my advice and STAY HOME today Caruthers- it's Scary out there today (A different kind of groaning!)