Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Caruthers Visits the Candy Store

So, you want to know what the best thing about being in this world is? The candy store! Yes! When I was first carried into the store I stuck my head out of the cloth bag I was in (too bad it was raining....I didn't see much of how I got there) and was struck by the array of colors of candy in the store. I thought I was in Heaven, if such a place exists for someone like me. This is me sitting on top of a couple jars of Jelly Belly jelly beans, surrounded by all these flavors. Oh my! I met a new friend, floating above me, the Jelly Belly mascot. He was nice. I hope I get to return to the store and talk with him again. Wow, did HE have some stories to tell!

My Maker sat me on the counter top for a while. This is where all the action is. My maker waited on customers, wrapped boxes of chocolates, filled orders, cleaned the floors and counters, and she even made popcorn, but I couldn't see that from where I was sitting. I could sure smell it though! Lots of people bought popcorn today. Being in that store made me wish I could try something to eat. I guess my maker doesn't think I'd like to actually eat something. I mean, why would she? However, I am not hungry, BUT I also have teeth. I met a sweet little girl named Clara today. She was a little afraid of me. That made me a little sad, but I know that her grandmother told her I am harmless. Clara carried a candy tarantula in her hand, and said she LOVED tarantulas. I looked at the spider and I thought it was a bit scarier than I was. Am I really that scary? Why would my maker maker me look scary?

Here I am with Todd. He's the boss of the store, my maker told me. He's very nice. He showed me how he makes these chocolate leaves. He pumped the chocolate from that funnel into the leaf mold. That table they're on shook and made noise like a jack hammer, maybe not as loud. The shaking gets the airbubbles out of the chocolate, he told me. I'll bet he would have let me taste the chocolate! Can you see me smiling? This is the happiest place on earth!
After my maker was finished with her work day she set me atop a box that was filled with candies for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. I am excited to see this Thanksgiving. I am not sure what will happen. From what I've heard people saying around me is there is a lot of food. They eat a turkey and a lot of vegetables. I guess chocolate too. They play games and laugh all day. I look forward to that. Anyway, I sat in the box out in the open air because the rain had stopped. It was nice to feel the cool air on my fur.....Fur? I am not sure what I'm made of.
Until next time!


April said... are so lucky to be in the candy store! I think you should at least try some Jelly Bellies so you don't hurt the Mascot's feelings. But you don't have all that many teeth, so watch out! If I was there, I would stick my head under that funnel and open my mouth wide to catch the chocolate and make a fool of myself. But I think it would be worth it! You are so cute and not near as scary as a tarantula- so don't worry.

a painter said...

Caruthers, you have the travel dolls at our house GREEN with envy.They cannot believe that you actually went to a candy factory! You even got to meet the Jelly belly mascot. You are having too much fun!